<Ray BEAMS> Season Styling - VOL.01

September 6, 2017

Mesmirised with flamboyant accessories.
This season is all about statement accessories, elevated from an after thought. The bolder the better.

Spice up your look with bold metallic accessories.
Matching your colour scheme is a neat way to avoid being over the top.

You're going to want to coordinate your outfit around this sort of statement bag, instead of the other way round. A practical addition to your wardrobe, the versatile design will easily handle mode to casual.

Lady up the mannish style of satin trousers and jacket with an elegant pearl necklace and wide statement leather belt.

A tribal touch to the lady-like look. Mix and match of various styles of garments and accessories helps the necklace really pop out.

The versatile and decorative detachable collar is a must-have this season. Pair with an open back blouse to create a beautiful frame that adorn your features.

A quintessential look of the season; tribal accessories with an elegant dress. The pairing of the two styles that seem worlds apart comes together in an accentuating fresh eye-catching way.

Embellished detachable collar is not only a great way to add glow around your face, but also an excellent pop of colour. Pair with a fur bag in burgundy, the colour of the season, for an unbeatable autumn ensemble.

A great way to define your look with the bonus of transforming your dress (or gown) is to add a sash belt. Top it off with a pair of over sized tassel earrings that perfectly accompany the gown.

Turn around your simple blouse and jeans with the right kind of accessories. Eye-catching broad leather belts and voluminous earrings can heighten and pull together providing the tone is right.







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