<Ray BEAMS> Season Styling - VOL.02

September 19, 2017

Identifying four key items this season <Ray BEAMS>' is ready to SPICE IT UP
whatever your layering fancy add a hint of spice that suits your mood

Sporty co-ords are smack bang in
<Ray BEAMS> layering and styling co-ords have no boundaries

(Left)Go bold and co-ord with sports items this season. Add a bit of elegance to a refreshing oversized sweat co-ords with accessories and scarfs.
(Right)Sleeveless sweatshirts are a surprisingly rare item. Take it to another level by layering with a mesh top showing some skin. The more basic the item, the more adventurous you can be.

Leopard prints that scream attention are also big this season. With the huge range of accessories and clothing, there's sure to be something that catches your fancy.

(Left)A touch of leopard to a mostly dark ensemble gives it that spark of energy.
(Right)Mix different fabrics; leopard fake fur coat with velour trousers. Brown leopard and pink are so perfect together!

Quilting is a favourite of the cooler months. Look out for playful items and mixed fabric pieces.

Bespoke quilted gilet by <77 circa>, a remake of a military lining jacket, perfectly accompanies any ensemble. The military casualness instantly fades out paired with the frilly-sleeved statement shirt.

(Left)The reversible quilted coat with unique stitching will be a very handy item this season. The usually puffiness of quilting is tamed down with the vertical direction of the stitch work.
(Right)Velour elevates the casualness of the quilting to an elegant style. The no fuss collarless simplicity opens the perfect space to play with detachable collars and scarfs.

How about including some sporty detail this season?
We're eyeing the white lines.

Sporty = white lines = adidas is a very natural train of thought. Ray BEAMS bespoke version is a lot of fun, try layering with a mesh skirt and sparkly items.

(Left)Our bespoke version of the soft <FACTOTUM> tracksuit is a must-have this season. The velvet lines add an elegance that would only be fit as the uniform for the city sports day. The cleverly placed zip on the side of the parka is another lifter.
(Right)Tracksuit trousers remade into a skirt. Unique and versatile, it can be loud enough or quiet enough to be at the centre of the ensemble or not. Match made in heaven with the oversized MA-1 jacket.