<Ray BEAMS> Season Styling - VOL.04

November 24, 2017

As we step slowly into the depths of coldness, here's a jolt of mode inspiration for winter outerwear styling.
No outerwear edit can be too varied. Find your favourite in this list of varying lengths, fabrics and silhouettes. What out for stylish accessories that add that seasonal feel.

Short stylish blousons
Sizing and fabrics is the key this season

(Left)A definite must-have addition to your winter wardrobe is the faux fur blouson with the perfect feminine touch. Mix-and-match with camo trousers for a winner look.
(Right)Oversized double layered MA-1, the constructed silhouette and lace-up detail on the back makes it especially special. Mixing tastes is the key; wear with sweats and camo trousers for a casual look, or go for a feminine vibe with heels and pearls.

Unique designs and style tips for the practical medium length coat

Elevating a chunky winter coat ensemble with layering and accessorizing. Giving an instant boost to a simple Borg coat with a round-collar blouse and statement belt.

(Left)Elegant mixed fabric coat dressed down with jeans. Add a leopard blouse for a dose of seasonal magic.
(Right)Oversized coat with dolman sleeve adds a whiff of sophistication to any outfit. Bits of red in all the right places gives it a modern touch.

The trend of the super-long coat continues. Be original with layering and accessories.

Quilted long-coats are a thing this season, and this one is all the more special with the excellent combination of fabrics. Fur tippets and necklaces add elegance to the collarless coat.

(Left)The puffed sleeves gives this simple coat beautiful character. Guide eyes to the top with accessories and statement blouse for an elongated effect.

(Right)A stylish faux fur long coat can be mixed with varying fabrics and colours for a brighter lighter feel. Wide trousers work well with a belted waist.







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