Men's casual section that remains central to BEAMS ever since its founding in 1976. Basic & Exciting is the theme of this section that pursues casual basics in the sports, work and military categories and combines them with ivy, rock, surf and skate styles for a modern interpretation that reflects various trends from around the globe.
    Launched in 1978 with the letter F signifying the future. The American casual store BEAMS expanded its horizons to include European classics at BEAMS F. The lineup consists of suits of excellent quality and comfort, and elegant casual wear for gentlemen.
  • International Gallery BEAMS
    Started in 1981 with a focus on international trends and a lineup of mainly import products. Articles of different design concepts are often displayed next to each other so as to create a stimulating, sophisticated clash that is only seen in a mature, urban setting. A combination of import and original items as such is our suggestion for the forever curious adult.
    Started in 1999 to house timeless men's clothing, remembering the good-old American styles that BEAMS grew up on. Such original styles are kept alive in a lineup of original, import, vintage pieces and accessories, while BEAMS+ is not merely revival or nostalgia, but instead a pursuit of authenticity in next generation casual wear.
  • Brilla per il gusto
    Gentlemen's label born in 2003 to dress adults who have individual style and passion for leisure. Independent of simple brand values and trends, Brilla brings forth a lineup that embraces adult charm and playfulness.
    Life as a Journey Everything in life is a journey: holiday vacations, business trips, and even a leisurely stroll. BEAMS LIGHTS offers neat and elegant lineups of Men's and Women's daily wear with the key travel themes of "Playfulness" and "Comfort." It suggests the BEAMS way of "Enjoying the journey" which will take our customers to new encounters with various people and places.
  • Ray BEAMS
    Ray BEAMS started as BEAMS' first women's collection in 1984. Its concept "The Way of Chic" encompasses diverse meanings such as "chic way of life", "chic styling" and "chic living". You can try out and enjoy free ideas by coordinating the latest trends with standard styles. The items will bring along happy feelings when you wear them and we aspire to be a label that is loved by all women through such items.
  • Demi-Luxe BEAMS
    Started in 1992 to dress fashionable women who continually seek their individual styles. LAPIS BEAMS presents a modern style for women who assert their independence in their views on quality and cost performance, and know how to enjoy trends. The lineup is comprised of original and import items with the right amount of current trend, and long lasting standard items.
    Launched in 2002 to support the quality conscious, charming, well balanced woman. EFFE's lineup consists of simple designs with long-admired classical details and beautiful forms. EFFE styles the woman who is not swept away by mere trend or brand value, but who discovers quality to add to her subtle fashion statement.
  • International Gallery BEAMS(Women's)
    INTERNATIONAL GALLERY BEAMS presents a wide selection for all women who appreciate fashion. Every Season BEAMS delivers acclaimed and precious items from high-end brand collections, highlighting noteworthy domestic labels, and introducing emerging designers to keep your eye on. With a line-up of strongly identifiable brand names, BEAMS hopes to bring you well-rounded seasonal enjoyment.
    Women's section started in 1998 with the same concept as the men's shop, BASIC & EXCITING. BEAMS BOY is comprised of both original and import items that are authentically produced in smaller scale to men's items, incorporating trends fresh off the men's street scene. BEAMS BOY created an entirely new genre in the women's fashion market, successfully being the first section to go international with stores in Hong Kong.
  • Vermeerist BEAMS
    Created in 2003 by two passionate staff members. A careful selection of designers' brands, basic items and mint condition vintage wear and accessories together create an original depth in Vermeerist's styling. The buyers themselves assist customers here, the only shop that houses both men's and women's wear, to add a personal touch to the art of fashion shopping.
  • BEAMS LIGHTS(Women's)
    Life as a Journey Everything in life is a journey: holiday vacations, business trips, and even a leisurely stroll. BEAMS LIGHTS offers neat and elegant lineups of Men's and Women's daily wear with the key travel themes of "Playfulness" and "Comfort." It suggests the BEAMS way of "Enjoying the journey" which will take our customers to new encounters with various people and places.
    A T-shirt shop started in 2002 with the concept Art for Every Day. Artistic graphics from around the world are printed and presented on our T-shirts. Often hosting cross-industry collaboration projects with game and animation contents, BEAMS T accelerates the evolution of BEAMS.
  • BEAMS HEART(Men's)
    BEAMS HEART is about our heart, feelings, energy and enthusiasm. It was born from our wish to "lead a spiritually rich life while enjoying the feeling of the time (fashion)". The full range of products consists of men's and women's wear from casual to dress-up clothing, all using standard BEAMS design. They are reasonable but high in quality with a moderate twist of the latest trend. Basic styles kept freshly updated. Available mostly in our outlet stores.
    This original brand of golf style clothing combines fashion and utility in a way that only BEAMS can. The Orange Label is a combination of American casual wear and outdoor wear, while the "Purple Label" uses silhouette and color combinations to modernize traditional golf styles creating high quality, fashion forward items. The BEAMS GOLF lineup of playful designs and accessories will make your game more enjoyable.
  • Merrier BEAMS
    merrier BEAMS was launched as an exclusively online maternity brand in 2004. In 2015, following the direction of Kodomo BEAMS, in addition to the existing products we offer to "enjoy your maternity life," we've expanded our range of clothing and sundries for the nursing to child-rearing stages. merrier BEAMS relaunches to help pregnant and child-rearing women lead a healthy and natural lifestyle.
    The Kodomo BEAMS label was designed to provide apparel and items that will provide opportunities for children to enhance their senses and imagination. At the Tokyo Daikanyama store, the selection of comfortable clothing and shoes, beautifully designed toys and furniture, and all other items connected to the life of a child were all carefully selected from Japan and all over the world. They also offer special events and workshops for families to enjoy. This store strives to provide a special place for families to enjoy precious times with their children who grow and change each day.
  • BEAMS mini
    BEAMS mini was coveted by BEAMS fans who were looking for the BEAMS taste and quality in children's clothing. The BEAMS original designs are certain to please parents who frequented our shops in the early days when the BEAMS brand was established as well as parents who are much younger. BEAMS mini is fun just to look at, and you will probably notice that some of the designs are exactly the same as the men's and women's line of BEAMS HEART.
  • bpr BEAMS
    The label began in 1992 as a general lifestyle goods, stationery, accessory, and product design label. The concept of the label is, "Elements of Life". BEAMS is a label that offers products which embody their "Basic & Exciting" origins. "From junk to high-end", BEAMS offers a wide variety of items collected from all around the world.
  • fennica
    Launched in 2003 to serve as a bridge between design and craft, fennica presented a style that combines traditional Japanese handicraft with new and old designs collected from Northern Europe. Exceeding realms of conventional fashion selection, fennica's less global, more local theme is demonstrated in its lineup encompassing an entire lifestyle, from men's and women's wear to dining wares, home interiors and foods.
    Designed for the whole family, this label offers a colorful lineup of clothing, accessories, and even cosmetics for 3 generations: men, women, kids, and babies.
    Launched in 2003 as a result of a long lasting relationship between Yoshida Kaban and BEAMS. Yoshida Kaban, long revered for its passionate production and timeless products, and BEAMS, proposing lifestyles that reflect its global perspectives, together bring forth an exclusive series of PORTER bags.
  • mmts
    A fashion brand co-produced by Nakagawa Shoko and BEAMS, this fusion of fashion and culture-based on the theme of "fun and interesting"-expresses the personality and lifestyle of Nakagawa Shoko through richly colored fashion items. We present "Mamitas Style (meaning you can become very cute)" for all men and women with a sense of curiosity.
  • Bill Wall Leather
    A jewelry brand born in 1985 in Malibu, California. Created with outstanding craftsmanship and carefully selected materials, these products are remarkable.
    Supervised by James Iha, former member of the Smashing Pumpkins. These clothing pieces and accessories suggest the feeling of exhilaration that music creates. They are geared for cosmopolitan men who want to freely enjoy modern style as they see fit.
  • Pilgrim Surf+Supply
    The first Japanese flagship store of "Pilgrim Surf+Supply," a select shop from Brooklyn, New York, is opening in Shibuya in October 2015. The shop follows the concept of "a dual life that combines both nature and urban," and proposes a lifestyle of outdoor activities with a focus on surf filtered through the scope of American East Coast culture.
    This brand is spearheaded by singer/designer MEG. It incorporates trendy elements into tried-and-true items, and via its online shop, it offers fashion that allows you to add a modern touch to your look instantly.
  • BEAMS Planets
    Seasonal items, billed as general products, have been carefully selected from around the world, with an emphasis on precision of production, design, and functionality. The label operates in places of transit, such as stations and airports.
    BEAMS LUGGAGE selects bags from a user conscious perspective, to suit both fashion and lifestyle, moving from men’s and women’s items to unisex.
    BEAMS RECORDS launched two original record labels BEAMS EXOTICA and BEAMS BRAIN in 1999. As with fashion, the shop's unique selection of CDs and records represents the trend and quality of the times.
    <B GALLERY> is a culture-transmitting space made to meet our ideas for creating new joy for the next generation, and to continue providing widely used materials. By presenting products that transcend each artist's fame, BEAMS produces amazing, creative excitment and shares it with our guests.
    A project launched in 2008 to introduce Tokyo's art, design, and culture to the world. CULTUART in the project name is a coined word combining CULT, CULTURE, and ART. The shop carries a wide range of art and design products, books, and exclusive collector toys including figurines and soft vinyl figures. TOKYO CULTUART captures restless Tokyo to express modern Japan.
  • UniformCircus BEAMS
    Started in 1988 as a shop that mainly services team orders for stadium jackets, t-shirts, and other sports wear. Staff uniforms and give-away goods for companies and events are also among the products that Uniform Circus BEAMS currently produces, while continuing to apply its design and production expertise and expanding into new markets.
    This members-only sports facility supports your active sports life, offering golf lessons based on swing analysis by professionals and top of the line simulators for practice as well as a running station equipped with lockers and showers.
  • Custom Tailor BEAMS
    <Custom Tailor BEAMS> is our special order section filled with BEAMS know-how paired with top factories and advanced technology in Japan.
  • Rental Dress Service
    BEAMS Rental Dress Service provides top quality formal clothing recognized around the world. The weaving, weight, color, and design are based on strict standards, making the products as formal as they can be in collaboration with the tailors at Savile Row. We provide only the best to satisfy our customer's needs.
    Introducing a new definition of what gifts are; <BEAMS GIFT CARD>. What should you give? What do you want? This is our answer.
  • BEAMSdesign®
    BEAMSdesign® belongs to UNIFORM CIRCUS BEAMS, which manages collaborations between Brand name companies and product developers. It also provides multifaceted support on all sorts of projects. Our group excels at challenges including merchandise development, contrivance of collaboration products, and the advancement and design of a wide variety of goods, utilizing BEAMS signature method and discerning eye for detail. BEAMSdesign® provides utmost assurance on appropriate design method and quality with all collaborative projects.