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SKE48×TIMEX Weekender Central Park】~BEAMS Coordinate For a Special Package Release

SKE48×TIMEX 【Weekender Central Park】~BEAMS Coordinate For a Special Package~ Release
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Release of the collaboration model by “SKE48,” the popular idol group whose activities revolve mainly about the Sakae area in Nagoya, and <TIMEX>, America’s number one watch brand one out of three people in the world has a “TIMEX” watch! Advance reservations of the product will start to be taken on Friday, 18th October 2013.

The front side of the product package will feature a picture of eight members of the group: Jurina Matsui, Anna Ishida, Yuria Kizaki, Kanon Kimoto, Manatsu Mukaida, Nao Furuhata, Yukiko Kinoshita, and Ryoha Kitagawa, wearing <Ray BEAMS> clothes.

The chosen item for this collaboration is the “WEEKENDER,” one of the most popular <TIMEX> products. The design of the band has been created by the “SKE48 TIMEX Selection” members in cooperation with designers. This collaboration model is a result of numerous meetings with the busy members, in a process of conversations through which they chose their favorite color, pattern and look after considering and hesitating about different options. About the time the band design was decided, voices were heard here and there from people surrounding the team, saying that they would like to “dress each member in a different coordinate of BEAMS clothes!.” This is how the proposition to make a special package came up, and before anybody could come out of their surprise, the BEAMS special package had been already brought into shape.

We will be giving away a poster of a different cut of the special package picture as a bonus for customers making their reservation at BEAMS. The back of the poster features secret cuts photographed exclusively for this collaboration. Keep your expectations high for this special collaboration items that you will not find anywhere else!

<SKE48 × TIMEX>スペシャルパッケージ アザーカットバージョン ポスター


SKE48×TIMEX【Weekender Central Park】

~BEAMSコーディネート スペシャルパッケージ仕様~


石田安奈 モデル

松井珠理奈 モデル

木崎ゆりあ モデル

古畑奈和 モデル

木下有希子 モデル

木本花音 モデル

向田茉夏 モデル

北川綾巴 モデル

商品:SKE48xTIMEX【Weekender Central Park】 ~BEAMSコーディネートスペシャルパッケージ仕様~
特典:BEAMSでご予約のお客様にはA3サイズ『SKE48 TIMEX選抜』メンバーによるBEAMSスペシャルポスター(シークレット含む両面印刷)1枚付属。


2013年10月18日(金)11:00~「BEAMS Online SHOP」及び下記<bpr BEAMS>展開店舗にて開始します。

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