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Happy surprise MOVIE Giving Happiness-
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Happy surprise MOVIE –Giving Happiness-

                                                                 再生推奨画質 : 720p HD

From BEAMS, which has embraced the concept of a“HAPPY LIFE SOLUTION COMPANY” comes “Giving Happiness,” the fourth movie of a series.

The fourth film is a short movie focused on Mother’s Day. The story begins as a couple moves into a new home. Following pregnancy and childbirth, the mother is too busy raising her children and doing housework every day to even have time to buy new shoes. The children grow up and go their separate ways, having children of their own. Looking back one day, all that remains are the memories of the days that flew by, and the shoes she always wore, which have now grown old. To the mother who always pushed them, the present the family gives with all their heart on Mother’s Day is…

BEAMS brings happiness through its clothes.