BASIC&EXCITINGをテーマに心地よい日常着を追及する、メンズカジュアルレーベル〈BEAMS〉。 2024SSシーズンでは、近年フォーカスしてきた『Y2K』のムードを残しつつ、レーベルの原点である『アメリカンカジュアル』と広義で捉えた『SPORTS』を掛け合わせて、現代的に解釈したアメカジの世界観を作り上げました。 機能的な素材や最先端のテクノロジー、連想させるデザインやカラーリング、ムード、またスタイルの中に馴染むエッセンスとして『SPORTS』を拾い上げ、ベーシックアメカジとMIXしたコレクションとして提案します。 〈BEAMS〉が表現する現代的アメカジをお楽しみください。
[MEN] Special feature on short-sleeved shirts that can be purchased for under 15,000 yen!
Introducing popular short-sleeved shirts that can be purchased for under 15,000 yen!
Great value for money! Special feature on shorts under 10,000 yen
Introducing popular shorts that can be purchased for under 10,000 yen!
``100 Famous Items'' that you'll be missing out if you don't know about them
Great supporting role, sometimes the lead role. 100 things you'll miss if you don't know. It's not flashy, but it's actually a product that continues to sell well. Introducing all these hidden popular items!
“FUTURE ARCHIVE” creates the archive of the future.
In `` FUTURE ARCHIVE,'' we treat the things that emerge from these scenes as archives of the future, and edit them from BEAMS' perspective and present them in a big way. Our goal is a place where "here and now" = "fashion" is affirmed. The future is only possible by accumulating the present.



A men's casual label that was born in 1976 when the company was founded. We pursue comfortable everyday wear with the theme of "BASIC & EXCITING". While incorporating various trends from a global perspective, we examine the basics of casual wear such as sports, work, and military, as well as outfit styles such as ivy, rock, and surf skates, and propose contemporary casual styles.