CASIO / Digital Watch Silver A158WEA-1JF
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Product description
standard digital watch
A digital watch from CASIO, which Japan is proud of to the world. The coloring and design have a cool atmosphere, such as a silver and black dial, so they go well with any style. The belt is adjustable so it can be used with unisex. Recommended to share with your family or partner.
A basic digital watch that would make a great gift or gift.

・Size: 36.8×33.2×8.2mm
・Weight: 48g
・Case, bezel material: Resin
・Resin glass
・Metal band
・Daily life waterproofing
・Auto calendar
・ LED light
・LED: Green
*The battery built in at the time of manufacture is a monitor battery.
*If the battery dies within one year of purchase and there is a warranty, we can replace it free of charge at our expense. Repair periods and fees vary depending on the situation, so please contact us each time. For products purchased on other e-commerce sites, please contact the respective place of purchase.
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Manufacturer of watches and electronic information equipment founded in 1957. Since its founding, Casio has valued not only ``convenience'' and ``comfort,'' but also the ``joy'' of using a product and the ``excitement'' of holding it in your hands. As a manufacturer of calculators, we have strengths in digital technology, and in 1983 we commercialized G-SHOCK which is now a representative product. Established a new concept of toughness in watches. Casio continues to evolve today, constantly pursuing ``unique products.''
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Product details
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Gender MEN
Category Watches > Watches
Material Case, bezel material: Resin, Windshield: Resin glass
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Country of origin Made in China
Item number 11-48-0689-259
Returns Possible
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ONE SIZE Width 1.5/Wrist circumference 20.5/Dial 2.5×3
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CASIO / Digital Watch Silver A158WEA-1JF
¥6,050/商品番号 11-48-0689-259
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