Life Range × BEAMS JAPAN / Special order easy-to-brush toothbrush Kiwami
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Product description
Easy-to-brush toothbrushes made with craftsmanship
Special order-made toothbrush made by Life Range, a company that strives to make toothbrushes that are easy to brush.

The high-density two-tiered bristles have tapered bristles that reach the periodontal pockets between the teeth, while the flat bristles thoroughly clean the tooth surfaces and bite. The special arrangement of the bristles allows the tapered bristles to reach the gaps between the teeth by widening the spacing between the holes. The flexible, easy-to-hold handle is easy to hold in any direction, and delivers just the right amount of pressure to the teeth and gums.

This special edition, a masterpiece by toothbrush craftsman Mr. Tanabe, features the Beams BEAMS JAPAN logo on the handle. As it is a toothbrush that is used every day, it is designed to be easy to use.

Toothbrush Craftsman: Jukichi Tanabe
Born in Ehime Prefecture in 1923. From the age of 10, he was engaged in toothbrush manufacturing as an apprentice, and at the age of 24 he moved to Osaka and became a craftsman at a toothbrush factory. Using the experience and knowledge he has cultivated, he continues to research with the desire to provide toothbrushes that are easy for many people to use. After much trial and error regarding the material of the bristles, the number of bristles, the balance of their arrangement, etc., in 2007, we completed an ``easy-to-brush'' toothbrush.

*About BEAMS JAPAN original wrapping service
Manufactures and sells daily necessities and cosmetics goods. Our main product is toothbrushes, including the ``easy-to-brush'' toothbrushes devised by toothbrush craftsman Shigeyoshi Tanabe, as well as the flocking, handles, and other details.
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Product details
Gender MEN
Category Cosmetics/Perfume > Body Care/Body Soap
Material Handle material: Polypropylene Hair material: Saturated polyester resin
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Country of origin Made in Japan
Item number 56-74-0229-546
Returns 不可
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ONE SIZE Length 18.2

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Life Range × BEAMS JAPAN / Special order easy-to-brush toothbrush Kiwami
¥385/商品番号 56-74-0229-546
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