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Product description
The flip-flap style is retro and cool, a Penco original
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This is an original penco model of the AP-28 alarm desk clock made by TWEMCO, one of the few brands that manufacture flip clocks that are loved all over the world. The compact size and familiar flip design make it perfect for a desk clock, and it is easy to use and easy to read. This limited edition color is finished in a single tone of sand beige and orange.
* 1 AA battery (included)

・When setting the time or alarm, turn off the alarm switch and pay attention to the direction of the arrow when setting. This is a precision machine and may cause malfunctions.
・Please note that the alarm accuracy is approximately ±5 minutes.
・There may be slight scratches on the surface.
・Because it is a flip type, there is a slight "flapping" sound when it is in operation. (Since the perception of sound varies from person to person, we cannot say whether the sound is loud or quiet even if you contact us.) Please be aware of this in advance.
・Do not leave the product in direct sunlight or in a hot, humid place for an extended period of time. This may cause deformation or deterioration.
Do not use the watch in locations with strong magnetic fields, such as near large televisions or speakers. Magnetic fields can cause the watch to run fast or slow, or even stop.
・When cleaning, wipe gently with a dry, soft cloth. Do not use solvents such as benzine or alcohol, polishing powder, or hard brushes. Doing so may cause deformation, uneven eating, or scratches.
- There may be rare color unevenness (black spots, etc.) that occurs during manufacturing, but please understand that this is a manufacturing characteristic.

*About BEAMS JAPAN original wrapping service
penco was named after a ballpoint pen made in America. We create casual stationery for everyday use with carefully selected designs and specifications, and we add ingenuity to the packaging. Please try our nostalgic and analog lineup.
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Product details
Gender MEN
Category Clock > Table clock
Material Body: ABS resin
» About washing instructions and care
Country of origin Made in Hong Kong
Item number 56-73-7000-834
Returns Possible
Gift wrapping : Possible » More details
ONE SIZE 幅 11.6/高さ 7.1/奥行き 6.9
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[Back to Skool] penco / Desk clock △
¥16,500/商品番号 56-73-7000-834
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