Cotton linen button-down shirt
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Product description
A piece elegantly dressed in seasonal fabric.
A dress shirt made of cotton linen material that is dry and smooth to the touch. A basic piece that goes well with tied-up styles as well as no-tie styles. BEAMS F 's original dress shirt uses a pattern that was researched to make it easier to raise your arms and fit the Japanese body shape.

Fabric: Andreazza/Castelli
Specifications: Collar: Adhesive interlining / Feather collar, cuffs, placket: Plush interlining / Placket width 3.5cm / Single cuff / Back center box pleat / 3 pleats on cuffs / Chest pocket available / Split yoke / Takase shell button

■Care method
Hand washable/dry cleaning/wet cleaning (Please consult a cleaning specialist. (For details, please see the washing instructions tag on the product.)
A label that started in 1978 with the F in "FUTUR E" in its label name. From American casual wear brand BEAMS, we offer standards that are based on European classics and always have a modern interpretation, in order to reach a wider world. The line consists of heavy clothing that is comfortable and well-made, as well as elegant casual wear for adults.
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Product details
Labels BEAMS F
Gender MEN
Category Shirts/Blouses > Dress Shirts
Sizes 37、38、39、40、41、42、43
Material 53% linen, 47% cotton
» About washing instructions and care
Country of origin Made in Japan
Item number 21-11-0378-563
Returns Possible
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37 着丈 75.5/肩幅 42.5/身幅 51/そで丈 62.5/えり周り 37
38 着丈 77/肩幅 44/身幅 52.5/そで丈 63/えり周り 38
39 着丈 77.5/肩幅 44.5/身幅 54/そで丈 63/えり周り 39
40 着丈 79/肩幅 46.5/身幅 56/そで丈 64/えり周り 40
41 着丈 79.5/肩幅 46.5/身幅 57.5/そで丈 64.5/えり周り 41
42 着丈 80/肩幅 47.5/身幅 60/そで丈 65/えり周り 42
43 着丈 82/肩幅 48.5/身幅 61.5/そで丈 65/えり周り 43
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Cotton linen button-down shirt
¥13,860/商品番号 21-11-0378-563
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