nalgene × BEAMS GOLF / Special order Tritan wide mouth 1.0L bottle + bottle case
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ONE SIZE / In stock
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Product description
Refining popular items in the BEAMS GOLF style
nalgene bottles are used for a wide range of purposes such as camping, mountain climbing, and food preservation, and are loved by many people around the world. This product is a Special order made model of nalgene 's popular item "Tritan Wide Mouth 1.0L Bottle" with a special cover featuring the BEAMS GOLF original logo.
Nalgene bottles are airtight. The screw threads on the cap and bottle body bite firmly to prevent liquid leakage. Perfect for holding drinks, as well as coffee beans, seasonings, snacks, and cutlery that are sensitive to humidity. In addition, the saturated polyester resin used for the main body is an environmentally friendly material that does not easily transfer odors. In addition, it has heat and cold resistance of approximately 100℃ to -20℃, so it can be used as an ice pack and can be used in hot water or while camping in the winter without worrying about deformation. A safe "BPA free" product that does not contain substances harmful to the human body.
Don't miss out on our high-spec drink bottles, which are useful not only for golf but also for a variety of other occasions!

・Materials: Body/saturated polyester resin, cap/polypropylene, loop part/polyethylene
・Heat-resistant temperature: Body/100℃, Cap/120℃, Loop part/110℃
・Cold-resistant temperature: Body/-20℃, cap/loop/0℃ (Please remove the cap when freezing)
・Full water capacity: Approximately 1.1L
・Weight: Approx. 180g
*The bottle case is compatible with "Tritan wide mouth 1.0L".
*Due to the characteristics of the product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges other than initial defects.
*Some bottles may have scratches due to the manufacturing process. Please note that this is not a defective product.
An original brand that proposes a golf style unique to BEAMS that combines fashion and functionality. We offer a lineup of accessories with playful designs that will make playing more fun.
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Product details
Gender MEN
Category Outdoor SportsWater bottles/bottles
Material Body: Saturated polyester resin Cap: Polypropylene Loop: Polyethylene Bottle cover: Polyester, etc.
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Country of origin Body: America, Bottle cover: China
Item number 81-04-0155-950
Returns Possible
Gift wrapping : Possible » More details
ONE SIZE Diameter Bottle: 9.29 Bottle Cover: 4 / Height Bottle: 21 Bottle Cover: 17.4
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nalgene × BEAMS GOLF / Special order Tritan wide mouth 1.0L bottle + bottle case
¥7,150/商品番号 81-04-0155-950
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