BEAMS PLUS / Open Collar Block Print
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Product description
tasteful block print
■ Design
BEAMS PLUS open collar shirt designed based on a store brand vintage shirt from the 1950s.

Adopts a box silhouette with an open collar. It is characterized by a slightly wider width and a shorter length.

■ Material
We use original fabrics that are hand-printed using a woodblock printing method called block printing, which uses natural materials such as plants and natural minerals as dyes. The material is dyed with plants and you can feel the change over time by repeatedly wearing and washing it.

Model: H 177cm W 68kg Size: M

*The color tone may differ from the actual color depending on the lighting conditions of the shooting environment and the viewing environment of your computer. Please note. Please refer to the image taken of the product alone on a white background for the color tone of the product.

*This product focuses on design and uses materials from India.
-Due to the characteristics of the material, there may be neps (parts where the thread is thicker in some areas), uneven coloring, misaligned prints, and uneven weaving.
-Color, texture, and size may vary slightly from piece to piece. There are also some distortions and wrinkles.
-Due to the nature of the material, if it is subjected to friction (especially in wet conditions) or if it gets wet from sweat or rain, the color may fade or transfer to other personal items such as clothing or bags. Please be careful not to layer it with light-colored items or wash it with other clothing as the dye may transfer.

夏を楽しむ!〈BEAMS PLUS〉の人気半袖シャツ特集夏を楽しむ!〈BEAMS PLUS〉の人気半袖シャツ特集

Based on the concept of authentic men's clothing that can be worn for many years and will never get old, we pursue authentic casual wear that will last for the next generation.
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Product details
Gender MEN
Category Shirts/Blouses > Casual Shirts
Sizes S, M, L, XL
Material cotton 100%
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Country of origin Made in Japan
Item number 38-01-0110-139
Returns Possible
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S 着丈 70.5/肩幅 45.5/身幅 54/そで丈 23
M 着丈 73.5/肩幅 48/身幅 56.5/そで丈 24.5
L 着丈 76/肩幅 50/身幅 59/そで丈 25
XL 着丈 78/肩幅 51.5/身幅 62.5/そで丈 25.5
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BEAMS PLUS / Open Collar Block Print
¥15,400/商品番号 38-01-0110-139
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