[Made to order product] Taguchi / LIGHT hanging model monaural
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Delivery date : 2024年08月上旬
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Product description
Iconic speaker that symbolizes Taguchi
"Click here for the special feature article introducing the charms of Taguchi"
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Hanging (ceiling) model of omnidirectional speaker that spreads sound 360 degrees. By spreading the sound radially in three-dimensional directions: front and back, left and right, and up and down, it resonates throughout the space and creates a spatial resonance. Another feature is that it is not easily affected by the shape and location of the installation environment. Since speaker units are installed on all six sides, the sound does not travel far even at low volumes, allowing you to enjoy clear sound quietly. This model is particularly suitable for vocal works and music with a small number of sounds.

This speaker is a "monaural" type that is intended for multiple installations. Using multiple units produces a beautiful spatial sound that does not get in the way of conversation, making it suitable for commercial spaces. "Stereo" is also available, which allows stereo playback with just one unit. Click here for the "stereo" type.

Rated input power: 40W (monaural)
Maximum input: 80W (monaural)
Impedance: 8Ω (monaural)
Dimensions "mm": 139(W) x 139(H) x 139(D) (excluding protrusions)
Weight: 1.7kg
Material: Scandinavian birch

Comes with a 1 year warranty. Please keep the manufacturer's warranty and receipt of purchase.
(Please note that failures due to customer negligence other than initial defects may result in paid repairs even within the warranty period.)
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*This speaker does not have a built-in amplifier, so please prepare one separately.
*Customers are requested to arrange the wiring work themselves.

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Taguchi is a professional audio brand for concerts and equipment sound. As an uncompromising professional, we aim to create a comfortable space with reliable manufacturing and sound. In addition, we are a creative company that handles everything from designing, manufacturing, and selling speakers for living rooms and transportation cases that can withstand concert tours.
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Gender MEN
Category Interior > Audio home appliances
Material Body: Others
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Country of origin Made in Japan
Item number 29-74-0022-337
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[Made to order product] Taguchi / LIGHT hanging model monaural
¥137,500/商品番号 29-74-0022-337
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