Ashidavox / ST90-07
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Product description
Domestic headphones made by a long-established professional audio brand
Since its founding in 1942, Ashidavox is a long-established Japanese audio equipment brand that has produced a wide variety of professional audio products, including headsets for broadcast stations and speakers for audio signals. ST90-07 is a model with even higher sound quality than the brand's very popular headphone ST90-05. While retaining the goodness of ST90-05, we use Hisago Electric Materials Co., Ltd.'s high-quality oxygen-free copper (OFC: Oxygen-Free Copper) cable. Furthermore, by applying optimal tuning, we have achieved a high quality sound quality that is natural and clearly defined across the entire band. If you are looking for headphones with clearer and higher quality sound, this model is recommended.

Model dynamic type
Driver Φ40mm
Impedance 40Ω (at 500Hz/1mW)
Sound pressure sensitivity 108dB/mW at 500Hz
Maximum input 1,000mW (IEC)
Playback frequency band 5-40,000Hz
Cord length approximately 1,500mm
Plug Φ3.5mm gold-plated stereo mini plug
Weight: approx. 120g (excluding cord)
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Since its founding in 1942, this long-established Japanese audio equipment brand has produced a wide variety of audio products, including headsets for broadcast stations and speakers for audio signals.
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Gender MEN
Category Interior > Audio home appliances
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Material Body: Others
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Country of origin Made in Japan
Item number 29-75-0024-478
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Ashidavox / ST90-07
¥8,822/商品番号 29-75-0024-478
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