Nobu Kikuchi @ B JIRUSHI MARKET / SOTO LABO cotton KOKAGE wing
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Product description
Beautiful curved tarp
As the name suggests, this wing tarp is made in Japan and is made of 100% moisture-permeable waterproof cotton material with high light-shielding properties like KOKAGE, allowing you to enjoy a cool and comfortable camping life even under the scorching midsummer sun. The design focuses on the beauty of the curves of the upholstery and Made in Japan, and uses highly waterproof 100% cotton material.The curves of the ridges are flowing, and the weight of the cotton material creates a beautiful drape, making it practical. A cotton wing tarp that combines functionality and design.

100% cotton breathable waterproof
Piping/100% polyester
Guy line/Dyneema Guy Line φ3.5mm (reflection)
Loop part/100% polypropylene

【please note】
*A storage bag is included. Pole pegs are not included.
*Although we have tried to reproduce the colors in the photos as faithfully as possible, please note that there may be differences in how the colors appear depending on your computer monitor.
Also, please note that because it is a natural fiber, the color may vary depending on the production lot.
*As for the materials, the fabric is breathable and waterproof, and the sewing thread is waterproof.
There is no problem with rainwater leaking from the seams, but a seam grip is included.
It can be used normally without painting.

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Starting with the Made in Japan cotton tarp KOKAGE Series, we range from decorative items such as gas cartridge covers, to cooler jugs that combine the functions of a cooler box and water jug, to down sleeping bags that can be connected, to ease of use and heat resistance for bushcraft and bonfires. This is a JAPAN brand that was born in February 2013, offering a wide range of OUTDOOR items, from colorful items to REAL and ``usable'' items, such as leather gloves that combine gender, and giving form to what we want.
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Product details
Gender MEN
Category Outdoor Sports > Tent/Tarp
Material Body: 100% cotton Piping part: 100% polyester Loop part: 100% polypropylene
» About washing instructions and care
Country of origin Made in Japan
Item number 70-91-0020-520
Returns Not available
Gift wrapping : Not available
ONE SIZE Usage size / storage size / total weight: 500cm x 530cm / W approx. 27cm x D approx. 15cm x H approx. 63cm / approx. 4kg (storage bag included)

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Nobu Kikuchi @ B JIRUSHI MARKET / SOTO LABO cotton KOKAGE wing
¥93,500/商品番号 70-91-0020-520
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