Nobuyuki Kikuchi @ B JIRUSHI MARKET / Special order THE FREE SPIRITS STARS3
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Desert Yellow

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Deep Blue

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Product description
Special order has been made! The eye-catching logo design is GOOD!
THE FREE SPIRITS' standard dome tent, "STARS 3," has been Special order-made into a special item by B JIRUSHI MARKET 's Kikuchi Shoten.
On the left side of the front and back entrances, we have placed the "Free Spirit" logo, which is not found on the original, and the "B mark" logo, which is a mark of Special order. The Desert Yellow model has a chic and calm black logo, while the Deep Blue model has an orange logo, BEAMS color, to match the color of the pole.
The vestibule can be raised using poles or trekking poles. The two ridge poles create a spacious vestibule from front to back. Although this is a three-person tent, it is also recommended as a solo camping tent with a spacious interior. It can also be used in a variety of situations, such as a two-person auto camping tent or a three-person mountaineering tent.

*Footprint included

Capacity: 3 people
External dimensions L:260 W:295 H:120 (cm)
Floor area 3.94㎡
Total weight: 2765g

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THE FREE SPIRITS is a tent brand established in 2011 by Wang Jigang. The tents designed by Wang, who is well versed in the characteristics of fabrics, have beautiful, wrinkle-free silhouettes. Each and every THE FREE SPIRITS tent is carefully sewn by hand by a craftsman, freeing the owner's mind to nature.
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Product details
Gender MEN
Category Outdoor Sports > Tent/Tarp
Material Poles: A7001 aluminum alloy, Body material: 20D nylon ripstop
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Country of origin Made in China
Item number 70-91-0054-714
Returns Not available
Gift wrapping : Not available

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Nobuyuki Kikuchi @ B JIRUSHI MARKET / Special order THE FREE SPIRITS STARS3
¥53,350/商品番号 70-91-0054-714
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