Hideaki Makino @ B JIRUSHI MARKET / GARMIN fenix 7 Pro Sapphire Dual Power 47mm
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Product description
All-purpose active smartwatch
Fenix 7 Pro is a multi-sport GPS watch that is suitable for all kinds of activities such as sports and outdoor activities.

Equipped with "Power Sapphire Glass" originally developed by Garmin, it combines solar charging function and scratch resistance.

Use advanced training features, sports apps, and health monitoring for longer.

●Charging method: Wired charging using Garmin proprietary charging cable
●Lens material: Power Sapphire
-Bezel material: titanium
●Case material: Fiber reinforced polymer (titanium rear cover)
●QuickFit watch band compatibility: Yes (22mm)
●Strap material: silicone
-Size: 47 x 47 x 14.5mm
●Touch screen
●Color display
●LED flash light
●Display size: 1.3 inches in diameter (33.02mm)
●Resolution: 260×260 pixels
●Display type: Transparent memory-in-pixel (MIP), easy to see even under sunlight
●Weight: 73g (Case only: 50g)
●Waterproof grade: 10ATM
●Built-in memory/history: 32GB
●Operating time:
Smartwatch mode: Approximately 18 days + 4 days*
Battery saving watch mode: Approximately 57 days + 116 days*
GPS mode: Approximately 57 hours + 16 hours ※※
Multi-GNSS mode: Approximately 40 hours + 8 hours*
Multi-GNSS multi-band mode: Approximately 23 hours + 3 hours ※※
Multi-GNSS+music playback mode: about 10 hours
Battery longest mode: Approximately 136 hours + 153 hours ※※
Expedition mode: Approximately 40 days + 34 days*
*Solar charging: Assumed to be worn all day, including 3 hours per day outdoors under 50,000 lux conditions.
※※Solar charging: Assumed to be used under 50,000 lux conditions
●Standard accessories: USB-C charging cable (Type B), quick start manual

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Founded in the United States in 1989 with the ideal of "changing the world by popularizing GPS." Starting with the release of the most advanced GPS navigation product in the aviation industry, we have gradually expanded our product line of GPS technology. It has also become known as a leading brand in the marine, automotive, outdoor, and fitness markets. We provide a better user experience with superior design, quality, and reliable reliability.
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Product details
Gender MEN
Category Watches > Watches
Material Titanium
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Country of origin Made in Taiwan
Item number 70-48-0007-116
Returns Possible
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ONE SIZE Width 2.3/Wrist circumference 15.3-24.3/Dial diameter: 3.9
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Hideaki Makino @ B JIRUSHI MARKET / GARMIN fenix 7 Pro Sapphire Dual Power 47mm
¥121,000/商品番号 70-48-0007-116
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