Topologie / 8mm ROPE STRAP 24SS [Strap only]
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Product description
Stylish and comfortable strap
・Highly durable 8mm width with a wide adjustment range and easy to match
・Rotating carabiner hook
・8mm diameter polyester cord
・Adjustment range: 84cm to 151cm

*Smartphone case is not included with this product.
*Smartphone case is sold separately.
*This product is not for climbing. Do not use for climbing.
*While wearing the product, please refrain from excessive stress, sudden shocks, or strenuous exercise that requires stress, etc., to prevent accidents and injuries.

*Please be sure to read the precautions carefully before use.
*Specifications, design, materials, etc. of this product and package are subject to change without notice due to improvements.
*Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any damage to the human body, clothing, peripherals, smartphones, data, etc., or loss due to falling, etc. that may occur when using this product.

*The color may look different from the actual color depending on the lighting conditions when shooting outdoors and the viewing environment of your computer. Please note.
*Please refer to the image taken of the product alone for the color of the product.
Carlos Granon, founder of Topology, is an avid rock climber, and Topologie was born out of his exploration of mountains and rock walls. The product reflects the authentic climber's spirit of balance and exploration.
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Product details
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Gender MEN
Category Miscellaneous goods/hobbies > Mobile cases/digital gadgets
Material polyester
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Country of origin Made in China
Item number 95-90-0073-433
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ONE SIZE Length 86~150
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Topologie / 8mm ROPE STRAP 24SS [Strap only]
¥4,400/商品番号 95-90-0073-433
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