HELLY HANSEN / Long Sleeve Flash Color Rashguard (100-150cm)
¥7,150 (tax included)
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Product description
Highly visible colouring
This rash guard is perfect for the ocean or river, where safety is especially important when playing in the water.

Fluorescent colors are used for good visibility even in bad weather. Flash yellow is highly visible at sea, while flash orange is highly visible in mountain streams.
The material dries quickly even when wet and has UV protection (UPF50+, UV protection rate of 95% or more), making it suitable for long periods of activity in the field under strong sunlight.
The yarn used is seawater- and chlorine-resistant, so the garment will not deteriorate even when worn in the sea or pool.

Manufacturer code: HJ82314

■Care method
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A marine wear brand born in Norway with a history of over 130 years. We offer a lineup of highly functional products, from outer jackets to underwear, that utilize our unique waterproof technology.
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Product details
Labels B:MING by BEAMS
Gender KIDS
Category Outdoor Sports > Swimsuits
Sizes 100、110、120、130、140、150
Material 84% polyester 16% polyurethane
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Country of origin Made in China
Item number 94-76-0032-518
Returns Not available
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100 着丈 39/身幅 31.5/ゆき 46.5
110 着丈 41.5/身幅 33/ゆき 50
120 着丈 44.5/身幅 34.5/ゆき 52
130 着丈 46.5/身幅 36/ゆき 55.5
140 着丈 48/身幅 38.5/ゆき 58
150 着丈 51/身幅 39.5/ゆき 62
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HELLY HANSEN / Long Sleeve Flash Color Rashguard (100-150cm)
¥7,150/商品番号 94-76-0032-518
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