Kamakura Tent × B:MING by BEAMS / Special order bonfire stand SOLOIST HOMURA
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Product description
Just open it and setup is complete!
<Kamakura Tenmaku> is a factory brand with a solid reputation and track record in the world of high-spec outdoor gear. Among them, we made Special order order for the popular bonfire stand ``SOLOIST HOMURA''. The carrying case for storage has a < B:MING by BEAMS > tag to create a pop impression. Comes with a highly heat-resistant sheet that allows you to enjoy bonfires and barbecues with peace of mind, and protects the ground from sparks and flying flames.

【Product details】
- It has a unique patented pop-up structure that allows setup to be completed with one action.
・It can be folded compactly when stored, so it is easy to carry.
- Made of stainless steel material [SUS430] that is resistant to rust and deterioration even after long-term use.
-Thickness that balances lightness for easy portability and durability.
・4 windshields that rise while opening
- An innovative structure in which the windshield stands up while opening, eliminating the need for fitting or screwing.
・The height of the spit type trivet can be adjusted.
- The spit-shaped trivet can be used to place pots, Sierra cups, etc., and its height can be adjusted in two levels.
- Convenient structure that allows you to adjust the distance from the flame according to the firepower and purpose.

[Product size]
When used / D275 × W340 × H230 mm
When stored / D145 × W340 × H36 mm
Weight / approx. 1.0kg
Load capacity / approx. 5.0kg

・Body / 1 piece
・Spit type trivet / 2 pieces
・Carry case / 1 bag
・Heat-resistant sheet / 1 sheet

*This product is a pop-up fire stand that can be assembled by simply opening it, so if any embers get into the moving parts, it may slow down.
*In order to use the product for a longer period of time, please perform maintenance such as cleaning the moving parts after each use and applying lubricant regularly.

*The color may look different from the actual color depending on the lighting conditions when shooting outdoors and the viewing environment of your computer. Please note.
*Please refer to the image taken of the product alone for the color of the product.
*The product in the image is a sample, so the specifications may differ from the actual product.
``Kamakura Tenmaku'' was born from a casual comment from a friend of mine who plays outdoors in his hometown of Kamakura.The idea is to create something that is easy to use and that you can be proud of owning without compromising on quality.Although it is an outdoor gear, is a glamorous brand that fits into your daily life and allows you to spend a rich time.
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Product details
Labels B:MING by BEAMS
Gender MEN
Category Outdoors/Sports > Fire pits, burners, cooking utensils
Sizes FREE
Material Body: Stainless steel Bag: Cotton Sheet: Glass fiber (black silicone coating)
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Country of origin Made in Taiwan
Item number 95-87-0255-990
Returns Possible
Gift wrapping : Possible » More details
FREE Size 27.5×34.0/Height 23.0/Weight (kg) 1.1
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Kamakura Tent × B:MING by BEAMS / Special order bonfire stand SOLOIST HOMURA
¥17,490/商品番号 95-87-0255-990
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