Quick-dry linen-like easy pants (suitable for set-ups)
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Product description
Attractive and comfortable linen-like material
■ Design
These wide pants are made from functional materials and feature a wide tucked silhouette. The minimal design features an elastic waistband and inner straps, making it easy to adjust the size.

This piece not only goes well with your set-up style, but also goes great with cut-and-sew items. Matches tops and shoes of all tastes.

The tapered silhouette has a loose fit around the waist and gradually tapers towards the hem. The wide size setting makes it a perfect fit for home wear.

■ Material
We have selected carefully selected materials that absorb water, dry quickly, and provide a comfortable fit. Although it looks like linen, it has a soft and smooth texture. The fabric is not too thin and has just the right thickness so it can be worn for a long time.

*There are shirts that can be set up.
■ Item number: 92-11-0063-147

Model: H176 66kg Size:L

■Care method
Can be washed with water or dry cleaned
*(For details, please see the quality label attached to the product.)

"Water absorption and quick drying"
Quickly dries absorbed moisture to maintain comfort. This treatment is not permanent and its effectiveness may decrease with repeated wear and cleaning.

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Product details
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Gender MEN
Category Pants > Casual Pants
Sizes S, M, L, XL
Material 100% polyester
» About washing instructions and care
Country of origin Made in China
Item number 92-24-0394-147
Returns Possible
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S ウエスト 74~89/股上 30/股下 69.5/すそ周り 39.5/もも周り 68/ヒップ 108
M ウエスト 77~92/股上 31.5/股下 70/すそ周り 41/もも周り 70.5/ヒップ 115
L ウエスト 83~98/股上 33/股下 72/すそ周り 43.5/もも周り 73.5/ヒップ 119
XL ウエスト 88.5~103.5/股上 34/股下 72/すそ周り 45/もも周り 76/ヒップ 124
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Quick-dry linen-like easy pants (suitable for set-ups)
¥8,910/商品番号 92-24-0394-147
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