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Product description
Recommended for daily active scenes in summer
■ Design
Introducing a Special order made model with a high-impact leopard pattern that attracts all eyes. The webbing belt, which features the brand's signature ``Running Man'', is colored in the same color as the body for a unified look. The ``gusseted crotch'' in the inseam that allows the legs to be opened 180 degrees is still intact, and the pocket fabric has been changed to mesh material to ensure breathability. In addition, it is packed with elements to help you spend the summer comfortably, including the addition of a convenient packable specification that allows you to carry it compactly.

■Coordination size
The classic above-the-knee length goes well with both short and long sleeves and is perfect for sandals. Its versatility makes it suitable not only for town use but also for active scenes. Crazy patterns are also recommended as a styling accent.
In addition, the overall loose fit prevents it from sticking to the skin and maintains a comfortable and open feel.

■ Material
High-density nylon with excellent strength is added to add flexibility. The soft touch gives you a sense of elegance and makes it comfortable to wear. It is finished as a hybrid product that combines appearance and function.

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Model: H176 66kg Size:L

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Started in 1982 in Silver Lake, California. In contrast to the conventional climbing wear market, which is only for professional use, we continue to release soft climbing and outdoor wear that is easy to get used to in California's natural environment, based on a unique and flexible concept.
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Product details
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Gender MEN
Category Pants > Shorts
Sizes S, M, L, XL
Material 100% nylon
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Country of origin Made in China
Item number 92-25-0174-585
Returns Possible
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S ウエスト 70~88/股上 27.5/股下 12.5/すそ周り 64/もも周り 69.5/ヒップ 100.5
M ウエスト 75~93/股上 29/股下 13.5/すそ周り 65.5/もも周り 70.5/ヒップ 105.5
L ウエスト 82~100/股上 30.5/股下 14/すそ周り 68/もも周り 73.5/ヒップ 113
XL ウエスト 85.5~103.5/股上 31.5/股下 15/すそ周り 69.5/もも周り 75/ヒップ 118
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¥11,660/商品番号 92-25-0174-585
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