mont-bell × B:MING by BEAMS / Special order lock-on sandals (WOMEN)
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Product description
"Lock-on Sandals" Special order colors!
■ Design
The item newly Special order by 〈B:MING by BEAMS (B:MING by BEAMS)〉 to 〈mont-bell (Montbell)〉 is the popular model "Rock On Sandal" that looks great in outdoor scenes and in town. The "FOREST GREEN" and "SMOKE BROW N" with an earthy atmosphere and two smoky tones are now available in Special order colors.

The belt attached to the heel ensures stability for the foot, making this a great pair of shoes for leisure. The playful color design unique to B:MING by BEAMS creates a unique style. The strap that touches the instep is made of a material that is gentle on the skin.

Available in two sizes, XS and S. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, it provides a stable hold.

◆The same model is available in men's sizes◆
Item number: 92-33-0149-186

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★Take these with you on your summer leisure trips! Active sandals★ are here

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In 1975, Isamu Tatsuno and two mountain friends, Fumiaki Masaki and Sachiko Masuo, founded Montbell Co., Ltd. Since then, we have been developing products based on the concepts of "Function is Beauty" and "Light & Fast." It is no exaggeration to say that Montbell's history is a history of the evolution of outdoor products in recent years.
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Product details
Labels B:MING by BEAMS
Gender WOMEN
Category Shoes > Sandals
Sizes XS, S
Material Upper material: Synthetic fiber Sole material: Synthetic sole Midsole: EVA
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Country of origin Made in Vietnam
Item number 93-33-0240-186
Returns Possible
Gift wrapping : Possible » More details
XS cm 22~23
S cm 23.5~24.5
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mont-bell × B:MING by BEAMS / Special order lock-on sandals (WOMEN)
¥5,280/商品番号 93-33-0240-186
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