Bingata Studio Benikichi / Poster Ryukyu Fish Ryukyu Bird
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Ryukyu fish

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Ryukyu bird

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Product description
Framing is also recommended! Fish and birds living in the vivid nature of Okinawa
Ryukyu Fish: The ``Ryukyu Fish'' poster was created to encourage people to pick up Bingata in a variety of ways. While capturing the characteristics of each fish in a simple manner, it is vividly expressed. Tropical fish come in a variety of colors and shapes, and we hope you'll enjoy them, such as their bubbly faces, unexpectedly beautiful colors and patterns, and the question, "Do these kinds of fish exist?" Each fish has its ``Japanese name, Japanese name (kanji), Okinawan name, English name, and maximum total length''. Hand-dyed bingata works are turned into posters using special scanning technology. It has a nice texture and atmosphere, and is recommended to be displayed as an interior decoration as a poster, or framed.

Birds of the Ryukyus: A poster of birds carefully dyed one by one in bingata. While capturing the characteristics of each bird in a simple manner, it is vividly expressed. Tropical birds come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Hand-dyed bingata works are turned into posters using special scanning technology. The hand-dyed texture and colors give it a nice texture and atmosphere. We also recommend displaying it as a poster or framing it as an interior decoration.

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Bingata artist/Seiko Yoshida (Nobuko Yoshida)
Born in Hyogo Prefecture. Moved to Okinawa in 1997. While working at a bingata studio, he continued to create original works and exhibited them at the ``Okinawa Peace Art Exhibition'' and ``Okinawa Paper World Exhibition.'' In 2010, he opened “Bingata Studio & Gallery Benikichi” on Sesoko Island and became independent. Exhibited at "Okiten" in 2010 and won the Urasoe Mayor's Award. Selected for the 2018 “Japan Folk Crafts Museum Exhibition”. Currently, he exhibits his work irregularly at galleries and department stores within and outside the prefecture.
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ONE SIZE Size Bird: 72.8×31.2 Fish: 72.8×51.5
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Bingata Studio Benikichi / Poster Ryukyu Fish Ryukyu Bird
¥1,980/商品番号 56-73-0526-788
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