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Product description
A masterpiece that symbolizes the concept of Bauhaus
The Ulm University of Art and Design, established in 1953 in Ulm, former West Germany, was an innovative educational institution that inherited the Bauhaus philosophy. In 1954, Max Bill, the university's first president, and Bill's assistant at the time, Hans Gujolo, came up with some form of seating for the students. The Ulm Stool was created by integrating multipurpose elements into the design, including a stool that can be used as a work desk, lecture room, or on a cafe terrace, a side table, a carrying function, and a tray for carrying books. It is said to be a symbolic stool that inherits the Bauhaus concept by eliminating unnecessary functions and design.

A timber construction method that does not use any nails. The seat and side panels are joined using a woodworking technique called ``kumitsugi,'' which provides excellent strength and prevents warping and twisting. The legs are made of strong beech wood and joined together using a construction method called ``mutual hagi.'' The edges are slightly shaved to make the sharp lines look even more beautiful. The horizontal bars are joined using ``wedge hosotsugi.'' Durable beech material is also used for this part.

Sometimes a stool, sometimes a side table. Extremely simple U-shaped. How you place it and what you use it depends on your imagination. Stools that can be used as work desks, lectures, cafe terraces, etc., side tables, stacked like stacking shelves, magazine racks, horizontal bars can be used as handles when carrying. This item is a design that combines multi-purpose elements.

Designer: Max Bill
Design year: 1954
Brand:wb form
Country of origin: Switzerland
Size: width 390 x depth 290 x height 440mm
Weight: approx. 3kg
Load capacity: 400kg
Material: Spruce (Japanese cypress) material
Material Floor installation part, wood: Beech wood

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Max Bill Max Bill (1908-1994)
A multi-creator representing Bauhaus who is a painter, sculptor, graphic artist, architect, and later an industrial designer.

wb form baby form
A historic furniture brand founded in Switzerland in 1931. In the past, he has worked on products for famous architects such as Marcel Breuer, Alvar Aalto, and Le Cobusier. Currently, the company manufactures and sells furniture that can be called masterpieces, with a focus on products made by Max Bill, with whom the company has had a close relationship since its establishment.
In 2003, at BEAMS, under the theme of "bridging design and craft," he presented a style that fuses traditional handicrafts centered on Japan with old and new designs mainly from Scandinavia. Based on the idea of "less global, more local," we offer products that go beyond the scope of our previous selections, from men's and women's wear collected from all over the world to tableware, interior decoration, and even food. It's all set.
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Category Interior > Interior accessories
Material wooden
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Country of origin Made of Swiss
Item number 56-92-0038-318
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wb form / Max Bill Max Bill Ulm stool
¥59,400/商品番号 56-92-0038-318
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