I SOKO N / Penguin Donkey Bookcase
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Product description
Iconic bookcase from I SOKO N
Storage rack designed by Egon Riss in 1939.
It was named Donkey because the shelves on either side and four legs looked like a donkey carrying panniers, and was later renamed Penguin Donkey because it fit perfectly inside books published by the British publisher Penguin paperbacks.

An iconic Isocon item, with striking curves made from molded plywood.
In addition to its unique and charming design, it is also easy to use.
With storage on both sides, dividers on the shelves and a small removable top, this storage unit can be used for a variety of purposes.

Designer: Egon Liss
Design date: 1939
Brand: I SOKO N
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Size: Width 415 x Depth 592 x Height 434 mm
Weight: 5.3kg
Material: Birch plywood (clear lacquer finish)

Egon Riss
Born in Austria. After graduating from the Technical University of Vienna, he studied architecture and design at the Bauhaus with Paul Klee and Oskar Kokoschka. After working as an architect in Vienna, he moved to England in 1938 and created various designs for Isocon, and his signature work, "Penguin Donkey," is known as an icon of modern design.
In 2003, at BEAMS, under the theme of "bridging design and craft," he presented a style that fuses traditional handicrafts centered on Japan with old and new designs mainly from Scandinavia. Based on the idea of "less global, more local," we offer products that go beyond the scope of our previous selections, from men's and women's wear collected from all over the world to tableware, interior decoration, and even food. It's all set.
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Product details
Labels fennica
Gender MEN
Category Interior > Furniture
Material Birch plywood (clear lacquer finish)
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Country of origin Made in England
Item number 56-93-0019-318
Returns Possible
Gift wrapping : Not available
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I SOKO N / Penguin Donkey Bookcase
¥214,500/商品番号 56-93-0019-318
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