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Product description
Woody flavor with a hint of earth
< COMME des GARCONS PARFUMS > Black pepper fragrance announced in 2016. A woody, earthy flavor blended with black pepper from Madagascar, which is known as a luxury spice. A variety of wood-based and green-based fragrances are incorporated to create a balance, and the middle notes are strongly characterized. The bottle that does not stand on its own is the same brand's familiar "Marc Atlan" design.

*The scent will change depending on the top note (5 to 10 minutes), middle note (30 minutes to 1 hour), and base note (3 hours or more). Details can be found below.

Top note: A mix of sweetness and a calming scent of incense.
Middle note: Emphasizes a green scent reminiscent of trees such as Himalayan cedar and pine, which are said to be the kings of the forest, with a subtle hidden scent of unique herbal patchouli.
Base note: A refreshing woody scent followed by a subtly sweet and deep oriental scent.

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A fragrance brand founded in Paris, France in 1994. Along with the establishment of the brand, Comme des Garçons Parfums SA was also established to manufacture and sell perfumes. With its air-packed bottle that doesn't stand upright and its spicy scent, it makes a striking debut in the fragrance world. The concept is "anti-perfume". Our goal is to create a scent that inspires you, rather than the role of completing a traditional outfit.
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Product details
Labels International Gallery BEAMS
Gender MEN
Category Cosmetics/Perfume > Perfume
Sizes FREE
Material Denatured alcohol, water, fragrance, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, ethylhexyl salicylate, t-butyl medoxydibenzoylmethane
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Country of origin Spain
Item number 23-53-0017-388
Returns Not available
Gift wrapping : Not available
FREE Bottle height 11.5cm / Contents 50ml

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International Gallery BEAMS
¥16,500/商品番号 23-53-0017-388
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