SHINKOUGEI /Woodblock hand-dyed stuffed animal Zodiac
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Wild boar

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Product description
Warmth unique to handmade products
This handicraft is made by stuffing raw cotton dyed with wood blocks with buckwheat husks and carefully sewing them together one stitch at a time. The extremely popular ``Zodiac Series'' is characterized by designs related to the zodiac signs and motifs related to Hida.

◆Mouse: A white mouse from Hida holding a red turnip.
◆Cow: A cow resting in a meadow filled with wildflowers.
◆Tora: Reminiscent of a tiger in a bamboo thicket.
◆Rabbit: A hare with Usagiku, Nanakamado, and Iwanashi.
◆Tatsu: Inspired by the wood carvings on the stalls at the Takayama Festival. What he carefully protects around his neck is a jewel. (Yellow ball part) It is said to be a sacred ball that can make your wishes come true.
◆Snake: A parent-child snake with a strawberry flower as its body and fruit in the background.
◆Uma: Master craftsman. A young work by Jingoro Hidashi, with the theme of a rice-eating horse.
◆Sheep: A pretty sheep playing in the flower garden.
◆Monkey: A parent and child monkey resting on a shelf of wild grapes.
◆Tori: Free-range chicken with grain in its stomach.
◆Dog: A dog wearing a dog tade and a red flower Chanchanko.
◆Boar: A wild boar that rushes through the Sasahara.

Mouse: width 5.5cm x height 9cm x depth 6cm
Cow: width 5.5cm x height 8.5cm x depth 12.5cm
Tora: width 5.5cm x height 6cm x depth 12.5cm
Rabbit: width 6cm x height 7cm x depth 9.5cm
Tatsu: width 9.5cm x height 7cm x depth 5.5cm
Snake: Width 9.5cm x Height 5cm x Depth 7cm
Horse: width 11cm x height 11.5cm x depth 5.5cm
Sheep: width 5cm x height 7cm x depth 11.5cm
Monkey: Width 6.3cm x Height 9.5cm x Depth 5.5cm
Tori: width 5.5cm x height 9cm x depth 11cm
Dog: width 5cm x height 6cm x depth 11.5cm
Boar: width 5.5cm x height 6.5cm x depth 11.5cm

<Parents and children can arrange it♪Click here for SHINKOUGEI series

*There are small needle holes in some parts of the product due to the manufacturing process. Also, since each item is handmade, there may be slight individual differences in color, texture, and shape. Please note
*When storing, please include insect repellent for clothing. You can prevent insect bites.
A folk arts and crafts production workshop in Hida Takayama. ``Woodblock hand-dyed stuffed toys'' are produced by hand-dying simple raw cotton using a uniquely developed ``woodblock hand-dying'' method, steaming at high temperatures to fix the color, filling with rice husks, and sewing together. .
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Labels Kodomo BEAMS
Gender KIDS
Category Interior > Interior accessories
Country of origin Made in Japan
Item number 55-65-0212-991
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Kodomo BEAMS
SHINKOUGEI /Woodblock hand-dyed stuffed animal Zodiac
¥1,738/商品番号 55-65-0212-991
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