Charlie Crane / KUMI Baby Crib Mesh Cradle Crib
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Product description
Cradle bed with sophisticated design
A cradle bed that gently sways from side to side to lull your baby to sleep. The design ``KUMI'' was born as a space that is open to the outside world while still giving the baby a feeling of being wrapped in a safe cocoon.
It combines tradition and modernity, and in addition to having a simple and beautiful form, it is both safe and light. It is surrounded by a mesh instead of a fence, so there is no need for a bed guard and it is breathable and comfortable. It is surrounded by a 360 degree mesh, so you can watch your baby from any angle.
Compact size does not take up much space and is easy to move. This crib is created using advanced technology and has a soft, elegant curve.

Weight: 9.2kg
Frame part: Solid beech wood
Mesh part: 100% polyester
Lace (string): 100% polyester

Cover: 100% cotton (can be removed and washed at temperatures up to 40°C)
Mattress: Polyurethane foam padding

Q.When can I use it?
A. You can use it from the day your baby is born until they are able to sit, stand up, and crawl on their own.

Q. Is it assembled?
A. A Japanese instruction manual is included, so it is easy to assemble. A hexagonal range is included and no tools are required.

Q.What are the safety standards?
A. We have passed the European safety standard EN1130:2019.

[Notes on use]
・Please do not put anything that poses a choking hazard, such as toys or pillows, into KUMI.
・Do not place the product together with anything that could get entangled around the neck (strings, curtain cords, etc.).
・Please be sure to tighten the assembly fittings properly and be careful not to loosen any screws, as there is a risk that your child may suffocate if their body parts or clothes (strings, necklaces, baby dummy ribbons, etc.) get caught on them. .
- If you use a mattress other than the one that comes with it, please make sure that the thickness does not exceed 5cm.
- The dotted line at the bottom of the cradle indicates the maximum thickness of the mattress to be used.
・To prevent children from swallowing the product accidentally, the zipper handle on the mat has been removed. When opening the package for cleaning, etc., hook a clip or safety pin onto the metal fittings and use it as a handle.

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A Parisian brand founded by Thomas Repin in 2013. We design baby furniture that is practical and comfortable without compromising on beauty.
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Product details
Labels Kodomo BEAMS
Gender KIDS
Category Interior > Baby Interior
Material Frame part: Solid beech wood Mesh part: 100% polyester Lace (string): 100% polyester
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Country of origin Made in Türkiye
Item number 55-94-0003-146
Returns Possible
Gift wrapping : Not available
ONE SIZE Size 56×81/Height 72/Basket depth 44
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Charlie Crane / KUMI Baby Crib Mesh Cradle Crib
¥59,400/商品番号 55-94-0003-146
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