Mr. Maria / FIRST LIGHT miffy and friends
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ONE SIZE / In stock
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Product description
Miffy and her friends gently illuminate
A fluffy and huggable Miffy light made of BPA-free soft silicone. Boris from Friends is also in the lineup. The size makes it easy for even small children to carry, so you can always have it with you anywhere in the house.
Since it is a USB cable rechargeable LED module, there is no need for a large power adapter and charging is easy. It's cordless and can be carried anywhere in the house. The charging cable jack is completely hidden inside the main unit, so you can use it safely. It can be dimmed in 6 levels and has sufficient functions as indirect lighting and night light.

・As a night light for children.
The silicone soft cover can be washed in water with a mild detergent, so it can be used around small children who want to keep it clean. Another point of safety is that the light source uses LED, so it doesn't get hot to the touch. It feels like a stuffed animal and is easy to take with you when traveling, giving your child peace of mind while traveling.
*It is not waterproof.

・As a night light for mothers with small children.
It is also useful as a light when changing diapers at night or breastfeeding. The adjustable, gentle light is pleasing to both babies and mothers.

・As an interior for adults.
The simple design fits not only children's interiors, but also adults' interiors.

Size: Boris: W20 x D14 x H21 cm / Miffy: W15 x D15 x H30 cm
*Package size is the same for all items W18.5 x D19 x H30cm
Lighting specifications: Rechargeable LED module (built-in lithium-ion battery)
*Since it is not charged when delivered, please charge it with the included USB cable before using it.
*8 to 120 hours after full charge (depending on usage environment and dimming level)
*6-level dimming
Accessories: USB type-C cable *AC adapter is not included.

*The product in the image is a sample, so the specifications may differ from the actual product.
*The color may look different from the actual color depending on the lighting and viewing environment of your computer. Please note.

Mr. Maria is a design studio founded in Amsterdam, Netherlands by Jannes Hak and Lennart Bosker. Our main role as designers is to create things that are pure, clean, and warm.Based on the concept of ``things that will be loved by children of all ages,'' we believe that ``we don't make products, we create stars.'' We create products based on the belief that "there is."
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Product details
Labels Kodomo BEAMS
Gender KIDS
Category Interior > Interior accessories
Material Soft silicone (BPA free)
» About washing instructions and care
Country of origin Made in China
Item number 55-95-0002-175
Returns Possible
Gift wrapping : Possible » More details
ONE SIZE Width BORIS:20/Height BORIS:21/Depth BORIS:14
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Kodomo BEAMS
Mr. Maria / FIRST LIGHT miffy and friends
¥12,100/商品番号 55-95-0002-175
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