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Product description
Transform from three wheels to two wheels!
TRYBIKE is a ``balance bike'' that allows children to play as if they are training before riding a bicycle. Designed to be durable and long lasting, the stylish design is very popular in Europe!
The key point is that it can be easily changed from a three-wheeled (trike) to a two-wheeled (motorcycle) as your child grows, so you can enjoy it for a long time. With three wheels, you can practice walking and riding, and with two wheels, you can practice balance, improving the flexibility of your knees and sense of balance, and stimulating the soles of your feet to improve your motor nerves, which is expected to have positive effects on your child's growth. It has a small turning radius and is easy to maneuver even for small children. Comes with 3 types of stickers that can be customized according to your preference, creating an original look! By attaching a basket (sold separately), you can improve both the appearance and functionality. A new vehicle that can kill two birds with one stone. There is no doubt that it will accompany your daily growth and help you create memories.

*Assembling is required. Please refer to the instructions included with the product and have an adult assemble it.
*Please wear appropriate protective equipment and ride in a safe area.

[Frame set]
Frame, fork: Steel

Wheels: 12 inch diameter spoke wheels, aluminum rims, nylon bushings & bearings
Tire: Inflatable (US style), rubber

Saddle: Synthetic leather (seat part), steel (seat post part)
Handlebar: Steel, 41cm wide Grip: Rubber
Headset: limiterless specification

Wheelbase: 87cm to 94cm (adjusted with rear wheel control disc)
Rear wheel tread: 49cm (3 wheels)
Handle height: 54cm to 61cm
Saddle height: 30cm to 45cm (quick release lever type)
Weight: 6.3kg (3 wheels), 5.2kg (2 wheels)

Target age: 15 months to 2 and a half years (three wheels), 2 to 6 years old (two wheels) *Up to approximately 35 kg in weight
Warranty period: 2 years
Safety standards: Obtained CE standards that meet safety standard conditions in EU member countries

Created in 2015 by Dutch cycling-loving brothers Pim and Alex. A tri bike is a ``first vehicle'' that grows from a three-wheeled (trike) to a two-wheeled (bicycle) together with your child.
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Labels Kodomo BEAMS
Gender KIDS
Category Outdoor Sports > Vehicles/Helmets
Sizes FREE
Country of origin Made in China
Item number 55-71-0026-174
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¥29,700/商品番号 55-71-0026-174
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