m-cro / Mini/Micro Deluxe Kickboard LED (2-5 years old)
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Product description
Self-generating tires using LED
The Mini Micro from Switzerland is a small and lightweight kickboard designed for toddlers (around 2 to 5 years old). Easy to use even for small children and easy to carry. Developed with the help of Swiss medical experts, the unique Lean & Steer structure allows it to bend from side to side as you shift your weight. The height of the handle can be adjusted, which was not available in the previous standard model, so it can be used for a long time as children grow from 2 years old. A new brand logo made of grippy silicone material has been installed on the deck, making it non-slip and allowing you to enjoy the game with more peace of mind.

Target age: 2-5 years old
Load capacity: 20kg
T-handle height adjustable 49-69cm
1 year manufacturer warranty

*Information on retightening the telescopic lever lock
Fine adjustment of the height of the telescopic bar is fixed using the black lever. Parents should periodically check to see if the lever screws are loose, and use the included hex wrench to release the lever and tighten it again. If you are able to open and close it with the help of a child, the lever may loosen quickly due to the vibrations you use and may fall down while you are driving, so please make sure that it can be stopped firmly with the help of an adult.

Please be sure to wear a helmet. Even if it is not a public road, do not drive it in areas where cars and motorcycles come and go. Also, please refrain from driving in the parking lot as it is extremely dangerous. In addition, riding is prohibited in areas with steep slopes or areas where there is a possibility of falling. Also, parents should always keep an eye on their children while they are running.

*If the wrapping paper or box is damaged, we will only ship the product if there is no defect. Please note.
Developed in collaboration with Swiss medical experts to help children develop independence and improve their sense of balance and motor skills, which are so important during growth. Additionally, the design places emphasis on safety above all else.
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Product details
Labels Kodomo BEAMS
Gender KIDS
Category Outdoor Sports > Vehicles/Helmets
Material Deck material: Reinforced plastic + silicone Wheel material: Polyurethane
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Country of origin Made in China
Item number 55-71-0565-816
Returns Not available
Gift wrapping : Possible » More details
ONE SIZE Width 12/Height 49-67/Depth 35.5
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Kodomo BEAMS
m-cro / Mini/Micro Deluxe Kickboard LED (2-5 years old)
¥16,500/商品番号 55-71-0565-816
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