THE PARK SHOP / Skateboarding
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13*43*8.5cm/Out of stock
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13*43*8.5cm/Out of stock
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13*43*8.5cm/Out of stock
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Product description
Skateboarding debut!
About half the adult size. A cool skateboard with wheels and track colors. Although it is small, you can actually ride it, and the tight bearings prevent it from rolling too much. Recommended for stacking, placing plants on top of each other, or as interior decoration for your room. Also great as a gift for your loved ones!

・Do not use in areas where skateboarding is prohibited, such as roads.
・Do not use on slopes or in wet or frozen locations as it is dangerous.
・Please do not ride the skateboard in any way other than the original way.
・Please do not ride with more than 2 people.・Please do not tow the slide with a bicycle, motorcycle, car, etc.
・Before use, thoroughly inspect for cracks, damage, loose bolts, etc.
・Please wear protectors such as a helmet, elbow guard, wrist guard, knee guard, etc. when using.
・Do not disassemble or modify.
A lifestyle brand with a park theme that started in 2014. When we think of a park, many images come to mind: children, sports, walks, picnics, etc. Based on this image, we focus on children's wear and lifestyle goods. Each season, the theme is a park somewhere around the world.
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Product details
Labels Kodomo BEAMS
Gender KIDS
Category Outdoor Sports > Vehicles/Helmets
Sizes 13*43*8.5cm
Material wood
» About washing instructions and care
Country of origin Made in China
Item number 55-71-0570-207
Returns Possible
Gift wrapping : Possible » More details
13*43*8.5cm 幅 44.4/高さ 11.2/奥行き 14
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Kodomo BEAMS
THE PARK SHOP / Skateboarding
¥3,080/商品番号 55-71-0570-207
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