CHOPIN with Kodomo BEAMS / Ceremony blazer set (110-130cm)
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Product description
For graduation ceremonies and entrance ceremonies! ivy blazer set
A suit set that coordinates your child's whole body for your child's important anniversary. A shirt, suit, tie, and pocket square are all delivered as a set. Each item other than the chief can be worn separately, so you can enjoy arranging them to suit your needs. The sophisticated styling typical of `` Kodomo BEAMS'' comes true.
The suit is made of high-quality 100% wool fabric. A solid color button-down shirt is essential for the blazer style, and a college-style regimental tie with red and gold lines is used. The tie is reversed with stripes going down to the right. It is also an attachment type that can be fastened with one touch, making it easy to wear. The shorts have a double hem, embodying a childish casual ivy look. Another characteristic of BEAMS is that the tie and chief are not made with the same pattern, and the chief is white, which has a strong ceremonial element.
Because it's a memorable day, you want to greet it in a style that's carefully chosen. This is a standard and special piece that will give you sophisticated styling.

*This product is a mixture of products made in China and Vietnam. Please note that you cannot specify the country of origin.

[Target age: approximately 6 to 9 years old]

Model: H115 (cm) size: 120
movie model: H123 (cm) size: 120

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Properly exciting! BEAMS formal for a new step | CEREMONY STYLE for KIDS
Properly exciting! BEAMS formal for a new step | CEREMONY STYLE for KIDS
Founded in 1958, CHOPIN is a brand specializing in children's formal wear, with a focus on high quality using advanced technology cultivated over 50 years. This is a new formal collection created with the direction of adding the essence of ``Kodomo BEAMS'' to `` CHOPIN'' formal wear, which is made with careful attention to detail, taking into consideration not only the beauty of the appearance, but also the comfort and durability. .
When contacting the store, please provide the following item number.
Product details
Labels Kodomo BEAMS
Gender KIDS
Category Suits/Ties > Suits
Sizes 110、115、120、130
Material Jacket outer material: 100% wool Jacket lining: 100% polyester Shirt: 100% cotton 100% wool Tie: 100% polyester Pocket square: 65% polyester 35% cotton
» About washing instructions and care
Country of origin Made in China/Made in Vietnam
Item number 55-17-0007-289
Returns Possible
Gift wrapping : Not available
110 Length Jacket: 43, Shirt: 50 / Shoulder Width Jacket: 29, Shirt: 30 / Width Jacket: 35, Shirt: 34.5 / Sleeve Length Jacket: 39, Shirt: 37.5 / Waist 56-60 / Rise 19.5 / Inseam 18.5 / Hem Circumference 32/Thigh circumference 41/Hip 67.5/Maximum width tie: 6/Total length tie: 26
120 Length Jacket: 47, Shirt: 54.5 / Shoulder Width Jacket: 30, Shirt: 32.5 / Width Jacket: 35, Shirt: 36.5 / Sleeve Length Jacket: 42.5, Shirt: 42 / Waist 60-64 / Rise 20.5 / Inseam 20 / Hem Circumference 34.5/Thigh circumference 43.5/Hip 70/Maximum width tie: 6/Total length tie: 26
130 Length Jacket: 51.5, Shirt: 57 / Shoulder Width Jacket: 33, Shirt: 33 / Width Jacket: 39.5, Shirt: 39.5 / Sleeve Length Jacket: 47.5, Shirt: 45 / Waist 68-72 / Rise 21 / Inseam 23 / Hem Circumference 35/Thigh circumference 46/Hip 75.5/Maximum width tie: 6/Total length tie: 29
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Kodomo BEAMS
CHOPIN with Kodomo BEAMS / Ceremony blazer set (110-130cm)
¥44,000/商品番号 55-17-0007-289
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