SMOOTHY / Suit (110-160cm)
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Product description
Great for graduations, school admissions, Shichi-Go-San festivals, recitals, and weddings!
``I want to look great when taking photos!'' This suit is recommended for those sunny days! ! Set up with a neat length jacket that hits the hips and long pants. For formal occasions, dress up with a shirt or tie. For casual occasions, you can also style it with a printed T-shirt. This is a recommended item that is affordable yet cool! !

[Target age: Approximately 3 to 14 years old]

Model: H115 (cm) size: 120
Model: H145 (cm) size: 150

*Tie and shirt are not included. This is a jacket and pants set.
*The color may look different from the actual color depending on the lighting and viewing environment of your computer. Please note.
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Properly exciting! BEAMS formal for a new step | CEREMONY STYLE for KIDS
Properly exciting! BEAMS formal for a new step | CEREMONY STYLE for KIDS
A kids brand developed by men's brand "PROGRAM" director Yuichi Shinagawa and "ShapeL" director Ayayoshi Yabuki. With stylist Yonosuke Kikuchi as the creative director, we will propose new styles based on "military work traditional fashion" with the theme of "children's clothes that dads think of."
When contacting the store, please provide the following item number.
Product details
Labels Kodomo BEAMS
Gender KIDS
Category Suits/Ties > Suits
Sizes 110、120、130、140、150、160
Material Outer material: 70% polyester, 30% rayon; Lining: 100% polyester
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Country of origin Made in China
Item number 55-17-0020-219
Returns Possible
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110 Length 41/Shoulder width 28/Body width 32.5/Sleeve length 39/Waist 45-52/Rise 18.5/Inseam 38/Hem circumference 22/Thigh circumference 34.5/Hip 64
120 Length 42.5/Shoulder width 28.5/Body width 35/Sleeve length 40/Waist 46.5-53.5/Rise 19.5/Inseam 41/Hem circumference 22.5/Thigh circumference 36/Hip 68.5
130 Length 47/Shoulder width 31.5/Body width 37.5/Sleeve length 42.5/Waist 48-55/Rise 20.5/Inseam 46/Hem circumference 24.5/Thigh circumference 38/Hip 73
140 Length 52/Shoulder width 34/Body width 41.5/Sleeve length 46.5/Waist 50-57/Rise 23/Inseam 51.5/Hem circumference 28/Thigh circumference 44/Hip 79
150 Length 54.5/Shoulder width 35/Body width 42.5/Sleeve length 50/Waist 56-63/Rise 23/Inseam 56/Hem circumference 28/Thigh circumference 45.5/Hip 83
160 Length 60/Shoulder width 36.5/Body width 45.5/Sleeve length 53/Waist 58-78/Rise 24/Inseam 60/Hem circumference 30/Thigh circumference 46/Hip 84
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Kodomo BEAMS
SMOOTHY / Suit (110-160cm)
¥22,000/商品番号 55-17-0020-219
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