TEMBEA × こども ビームス / 別注 ペアレンティング トート
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ONE SIZE / In stock
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ONE SIZE / In stock
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Product description
The whole family can use it! Fully functional tote
Simple, stylish, durable and easy to use, TEMBEA 's popular canvas tote is now available as a new Special order model from `` Kodomo BEAMS''! It has a high-level finish that can be said to be the ultimate parenting bag, as it is packed with details that are useful when going out with a baby, who often carries a lot of luggage. Using No. 9 canvas fabric, the stitching is wider than the previous model, giving it a more rugged finish. The design can be used by the whole family, not only moms but also dads.
Perfect as a pregnancy and baby gift for your loved ones. It also has a high design quality, so it will be very useful even when your child grows up. This item is recommended not only for moms and dads, but also for anyone looking for a cool and easy-to-use bag.

[Happy Point]
- Inside, the entire wall pocket (inner pocket in the same color as the handle) allows you to store plastic bottles and baby bottles while standing up.
・The top part is a zip-type blindfold type that prevents the contents from falling out.
- 2-way detachable shoulder and handle allows for sudden cuddles!
- Can also be used as a buggy bag by hanging the shoulder ring attached to the main body on the stroller hook.
- A handle on one side is convenient for hanging jackets and throws.
- Comes with a convenient pouch for storing diapers and other small items (same color as the handle).
- Comes with a key strap that allows you to easily find your keys even while holding your baby.

*Made of sturdy canvas. The harder material gets used and becomes softer the more you use it.

・When all parts are included: Approx. 813g
・Key strap + tote bag: Approx. 608g
・Belt: Approx. 140g

"Birth Preparation List" for pre- and newborn moms and dads

"Birth Preparation List" for pre- and newborn moms and dads

` TEMBEA'' is a bag brand that started in 2004. For example, something to hold baguettes, books, toys. Something to carry newspapers, textbooks, and vegetables. We are proposing bags that have specific contents and purpose. TEMBEA means "wandering". Having it makes you want to go somewhere. Regardless of place or time, we continue to make bags as a tool to pursue universal beauty.
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Product details
Labels merrier BEAMS
Gender WOMEN
Category Maternity/Baby > Mother bag/storage pouch
Material cotton 100%
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Country of origin Made in Japan
Item number 55-61-0092-813
Returns Possible
Gift wrapping : Possible » More details
ONE SIZE Width 45.9 / Height 28.1 / Gusset 20.1 / Handle 53.8 / Shoulder part 65.3 - 110.7 / Size Pouch: 23.3 x 26.5 / Weight (g) 800
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TEMBEA × こども ビームス / 別注 ペアレンティング トート
¥25,300/商品番号 55-61-0092-813
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