THE NORTH FACE / Baby compact carrier (baby strap)
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Product description
For both mom and dad! < THE NORTH FACE > baby carrier
●Purchase is limited to 2 items per person per person.

A lightweight and compact baby carrier intended for use with children aged 1 to 3. Developed for children who have difficulty sitting on their necks when going outdoors for the first time. The main material is 75-denier polyester taffeta that is soft to the touch and has a water-repellent finish. There is a mesh window on the back that lets moisture escape, and the sunshade that protects the head is made of UV-treated stretch mesh fabric. The shoulder harness is ergonomically designed to efficiently distribute the child's weight, has cushioning properties that firmly support the child, and has an adjuster function that draws it to the center of the child's body. Whether you carry it in your arms or carry it on your back, you can enjoy a stable hug that reduces the risk of it falling off. Comes with a stuff sack that can be used as a laundry net. This product has cleared the "SG standards" certified by the Japan Product Safety Association.

・Mesh back with excellent breathability
・Shoulder belt structure that distributes the load
・Pocket with built-in sunshade cover
・Water-repellent material
・Comes with a stuff sack that can be used as a laundry net
・2WAY specification that can be used both on your back and in your arms

[Weight] Approx. 370g + 30g (body + staff bag)
[Belt length] Shoulder belt: 50-100cm, waist belt: 62-125cm

"Birth Preparation List" for pre- and newborn moms and dads

"Birth Preparation List" for pre- and newborn moms and dads

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Product details
Labels merrier BEAMS
Gender KIDS
Category Maternity/Baby > Baby products
Sizes FREE
Material 75D polyester taffeta
» About washing instructions and care
Country of origin Made in Japan
Item number 55-65-0638-518
Returns Possible
Gift wrapping : Possible » More details
FREE Width 38/Height 40/Weight (g) Body: 370, Stuff bag: 30/Length Shoulder belt: 50~100, Waist belt: 62~125
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THE NORTH FACE / Baby compact carrier (baby strap)
¥26,400/商品番号 55-65-0638-518
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