eit swim / Covered Swim Camisole
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Red cypress bark

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Water light blue

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Product description
Swimwear that can be worn around town
■ Design
水着としてはもちろん、ヘルシーな肌見せトップスのインナーとしても活躍するスイムタンク。江戸小紋を取り入れたモダンなデザインが、プールサイドやビーチで映えるアイテム。日本の伝統技術が光る繊細な紋様でパッチワークのような亀甲柄が連なる "毘沙門亀甲”が遊び心溢れる彩りを添えます。安定した着用感でサーフィンやSUPなどのマリンスポーツをアクティブに楽しみたい大人の女性におすすめのアイテムです。

A clean silhouette with a good fit and excellent elasticity. The long length keeps the abdomen and waist area covered and reduces exposure.

■ Material
Made from recycled materials, it is stretchy and comfortable to wear, providing comfortable support for active scenes.
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“The City and The Sea” A domestic brand with the concept of connecting the sea and the city. Designers who are also surfers have created items based on their ideals and thoughts, and you can feel the attention to detail not only in the fabrics, but also in the lines that take into account the Japanese body type. We have also started working on environmental issues, such as using fabrics made with eco-fiber ECONYL(R) and choosing factories that are environmentally friendly during the production process.
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Product details
Labels Pilgrim Surf+Supply
Gender WOMEN
Category Outdoor Sports > Swimsuits
Sizes M
Material Body: 85% polyester, 15% polyurethane Other fabric: 100% polyester
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Country of origin Made in Japan
Item number 37-76-0408-205
Returns Not available
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M 総丈 59.5/身幅 34
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Pilgrim Surf+Supply
eit swim / Covered Swim Camisole
¥20,350/商品番号 37-76-0408-205
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