RBS / Kirikae gathered skirt
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Product description
Luxurious volume that will make your heart flutter
■ Design
A luxurious skirt with a sense of volume. The ideal silhouette is expressed with plenty of gathers and pin tucks and plenty of length. The diagonal pin tucks around the waist prevent it from spreading, so you can wear it for a voluminous yet clean look.


The waist area is neat and it widens towards the hem.

■ Material
Made of nylon material with a textured feel.

■Care method
Dry cleaning only (Please see the quality label on the product for details)

BEAMS STAFF: H170 Size: (The product in the image is a sample size and may differ from the actual size)

Fabric thickness: normal
Transparency: None
Elasticity: None
Glossiness: None
Lining: Yes

[Staff review]


Height: 170cm / Usual size: 1 / Wearing size: 1
Size: The waist is slim and there is volume towards the hem.
Material feel: A crisp fabric.
Point: The gathered design from the waist to the hem is the key point. Although it has volume, it has movement so it looks light!

RBS 2024 Spring&Summer Collection

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RBS a brand born from < Ray BEAMS >. Neither adult nor childish, casual or conservative. I like a neutral and ambiguous style that doesn't belong to anything. There are many things I like, but what I really like remains the same. We develop contemporary wear that enjoys high-quality materials and details for women who truly enjoy fashion without being bound by concepts. We offer a clean and effortless style.
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Product details
Labels Ray BEAMS
Gender WOMEN
Category Skirts > Maxi/Long Length Skirts
Sizes 0、1
Material Outer material: 100% nylon, Lining: 100% polyester
» About washing instructions and care
Country of origin Made in China
Item number 61-27-1077-111
Returns Possible
Gift wrapping : Possible » More details
0 ウエスト 66/スカート丈 92.5/ヒップ 92
1 ウエスト 70/スカート丈 95/ヒップ 97.5
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RBS / Kirikae gathered skirt
¥9,350/商品番号 61-27-1077-111
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