miagolegno / smoke (two houses)
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Smoke (two houses)

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Product description
Artworks that you can touch and enjoy
Two chimneys extend from the two houses, yellow smoke comes out from the house with the blue roof, and silver smoke comes out from the house with the red roof, and the two smokes mix together. Are you ready for dinner? What are they making? I created this work to express the fun of turning intangible smoke into something tangible, but since smoke is originally tangible, it becomes intangible, so it's a strange work to think about making it tangible again.

Parts count: 9 pieces
*A wooden pedestal is included.

Two illustrators handcraft every step from design to production with the theme of ``artworks that you can enjoy touching and displaying that look like they came straight out of a painting.'' Wooden pieces cut with a scroll saw are colored one by one using a brush. All pieces are assembled so that they will not fall apart even if lifted. 3 pieces to 74 pieces, including animals, buildings, people, insects, vehicles, etc. It is characterized by small pieces put together like a puzzle and colorful colors, and the organic/dynamic motif gives it an atmosphere that looks like it will start to move at any moment. Although it is pop and modern, it also has a nostalgic feel to it due to the warmth of wood and the method of using wooden blocks. It is a work that can appear in various ways depending on how you display it, such as shifting the pieces to create shadows or shining a light on it to cast a fantastic shadow on the wall.

■miagolegno (myagoregno)
Miagolegno is a coined word that combines the Italian words miagolare, which means a cat's meow, and legno, which means tree. The reading is Myagoreguno. Although the name is neither Italian nor Japanese, I think it matches the characteristics of the work, which has the colors of a foreign work, but is delicately made, which is typical of Japan. The name was chosen with the aim of creating a lively work that makes you feel like you can hear a cat's meow.

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Gender WOMEN
Category Interior > Interior accessories
Material wooden
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Country of origin Made in Japan
Item number 58-87-0296-499
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ONE SIZE 幅 9.5/高さ 14.2/奥行き 1.5
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miagolegno / smoke (two houses)
¥22,000/商品番号 58-87-0296-499
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