ULTRA HEAVY / Folding picnic sheet NO FUTUR
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Product description
Sorry. I stole it.
This is a water-repellent picnic sheet for 1-2 people that folds compactly. It can also be connected together as shown in the image.
*Not sold as a set.

The famous Tyvek sheet from ULTRA HEAVY has a bad reputation among family, children, and girlfriends. In the first place, a tent is a tatami room and a private room, so a cloth sheet that can be used as a carpet or a futon is fine. If you're not traveling on foot like a backpacker, it's okay to have one or two in your car. What do you think?

[2024SS Akira Ishikawa]
I copied it because I love it. That's obvious, isn't it? I won't say it's homage or respect to cover it up. I copied it straight up. I copied the feel and colors of the logo on a novelty item from an old friend. From a drawing my teammate Kamiyama Ryuji had made long ago but had thrown away. Jerry Ukai's classic logo. And a sample that had been lying dormant at my local Asahikawa Doraneko.
I pretended not to notice that it was our first 10th anniversary together. So, actually, it's everything, including the UH logo that was painted by someone from Kyoto in paint and shown at our first exhibition together. Because I love it, I'm going to copy it and tweak it as I please. I can't help it. Teehee.
``If you're not sure, just bring your own sofa or desk!'' This is our style at the campsite, and it's also the basic form of our life in Tokyo. We, Ryuji Kamiyama, Jerry Ukai, and Ken Ishikawa, are proposing an `` ULTRA HEAVY'' indoor and outdoor style.
"If you're not sure, just wear your favorite T-shirt!"
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Product details
Gender MEN
Category Outdoor Sports > Field Gear
Material 100% polyester
» About washing instructions and care
Country of origin Made in China
Item number 58-65-0079-218
Returns Possible
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ONE SIZE 大きさ 60×90

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ULTRA HEAVY / Folding picnic sheet NO FUTUR
¥3,850/商品番号 58-65-0079-218
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