"Bring art into our home" | Misato Oka's "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" exhibition held at Kodomo BEAMS (Daikanyama)


Misato Oka is an art artist who has made profile portraits her life's work and has painted over 1,900 profiles to date. She will be holding an exhibition of her work and a portrait order session at Kodomo BEAMS (Daikanyama).

We will be exhibiting and selling profile portraits that we have created to date, as well as simple and comical acrylic paintings that use everyday items as motifs.

The order event will be held on May 5th (Sunday) and 6th (Monday, holiday). Please come to the Daikanyama store on the reserved date and time, and the artist will take a profile photo of you. The picture will be created and framed, and you will receive it about three months later. You can take a profile photo of your child, each member of your family, or even just one person, so please come along and participate.


Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift.
That's why it is called the present.

Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That is why "now" is called "present."
These are the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President of the United States, author, and mother of six. The hands of the clock move like a sprint, and time waits for no one. Even if you know that this moment today is an irreplaceable gift, it may be difficult to put your feelings into words.
The baby, who was once light as a fluff, grows heavier every time you pick him up, learns a new song every time he comes home from kindergarten, and before the season is over, his shirts feel surprisingly small...

For the past 12 years, the "Draw Profiles" project has been drawing the profiles of people of various ages and nationalities. Whether true or not, it is said that a person's left profile shows their cheerful nature.

I would be happy if I could help you preserve the time that is a gift that can only be given at that age. A pop portrait drawn based on the impression I had when I met you in person will be a keepsake that is different from a photograph.

Let me paint a picture that will represent your history, which continues from yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and the history of your family.

Oka Misato

Exhibition and sale

Event period
Friday, April 26th, 2024 - Monday, May 6th, 2024 (National Holiday)
Holding store
Kodomo BEAMS (Daikanyama)

Profile portrait order session

Event period
May 5th (Sun) and May 6th (Mon, National Holiday), 2024
Hours: 10:00-12:00/13:00-16:00/16:30-19:00
(The estimated time required is approximately 15 to 30 minutes.)
Holding store
Kodomo BEAMS (Daikanyama)
How to make a reservation
Please contact the store by phone.

Kodomo BEAMS (Daikanyama)
Telephone: 03-5428-4844
Business hours: 10:00-19:00
Address: 19-7 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Order summary

■Giclee print ¥34,100~

- Giclee print on textured etching paper.
- "Giclee prints" use pigment inks, so there is no need to worry about fading.
- Three-dimensional framing using a frame made of natural wood.
・We will hand them over from early August.

Border type: Ayous, Ash, Brown

S (190x218) / ¥34,100 (tax included)
M (310x356) / ¥39,600 (tax included)
L (400x460) / ¥43,450 (tax included)

■ Acrylic painting on canvas ¥99,000 (tax included)

-Paint with acrylic paints and a brush on linen stretched over a wooden frame.
・We will deliver it from early October.


*Please come to the store in whatever clothes you like.
*A portrait will be created based on your photo and sent to your home approximately 3 months later.
*If you have any questions, please contact the store directly.
*If there are spaces available, you can join on the day.

Oka Misato

Born in 1974. Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Department of Painting. Joined Tama Art University, Printmaking Lab.
After working in graphic design at Sony Music, he began working as an artist. He has made profile portraits his life's work, and has painted 1,900 portraits while taking orders all over Japan. He has been praised for his clear concepts and pop style.
She updates her hobby of exploring architecture on Instagram (@misato_oka).