Beauty and wellness brand b/beaut BEAMS will open its first limited-edition store at BEAMS JAPAN on Thursday, May 23rd.


b/beaut BEAMS is a beauty and wellness brand that "truthfully reports" on people, things, and events related to beauty and wellness from all over the world, experienced by BEAMS staff. The brand's first limited store, "Hi, BEAMS! b/beaut BEAMS limited store ~focus on JAPANESE cosmetics~", will open in the BEAMS JAPAN store in Shinjuku, Tokyo from Thursday, May 23, 2024 to Wednesday, June 12, 2024.
We will be selling a wide range of skincare and makeup products, providing a place where you can actually try them on before purchasing.

The brands to be developed will focus on "Japanese brands," in keeping with the < BEAMS JAPAN > concept of communicating the charms of Japan. In addition to the four brands handled by < BEAMS JAPAN >, 10 brands were carefully selected from among the "brands we seriously want to recommend," based on the opinions of the approximately 290 b/beauty BEAMS members (hereafter "bb members"), who are made up of staff members of BEAMS.

Each product will have an "honest POP" with honest reviews from 10 bb members with different ages, genders, skin types, skin concerns, and lifestyles. Even if we say "recommend," people will have different opinions depending on their skin type and lifestyle. By reviewing in their own words, including not only what "suits" the product but also what "doesn't suit" the product, we can not only convey the appeal of the product, but also provide information that can be used as a reference for product selection as "trustworthy word-of-mouth."
Additionally, profile sheets of the 10 bb members who will be reviewers will be displayed in the store. Product POP will have a sign indicating the member who recommends the product, so customers who visit the store can find a bb member who is similar to them and use that member's review as a reference.

The staff working in the store will be recruited from the approximately 290 bb members and will be stationed in the store. bb members will also be working in the store as reviewers, so they will guide you through the store while sharing their comments on the products they have actually used.
Additionally, we have prepared original b/beaut BEAMS shoppers (※1) and pouch novelties (※2) to give to anyone who purchases products during the period.
The b/beaut BEAMS website also provides content introducing the details of this limited store and the items that will be on sale.

Please look forward to this limited store filled with the worldview and honest feelings of the bb members.

*1 As supplies are limited, they will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Not applicable to online shops.
*2 This offer is available to those who purchase products sold at the Limited Store for 8,800 yen or more (tax included).
We have limited numbers available, so they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Not applicable to online shops.

Event period
May 23rd (Thu) - June 12th (Wed), 2024
BEAMS JAPAN (Shinjuku) 1F
AHRES / ICOR / LA LA HONEY / NEMO HAMO / ness / NowLd / on&do / SENN / TITIMUMU / USUI BRUSH / Nanatural / &WOLF / Hanamitsukoi / HORIUCHI MIRROR
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*Sales period: May 23rd (Thu) 11:00 to June 12th (Wed) 23:59, 2024


◼︎Distribution of original shoppers

Customers who purchase products during the period will receive their purchased items in an original b/beaut BEAMS shopper.
*Not available in the online shop

◼︎Novelty gifts

During the period, customers who purchase products sold at the limited store for 8,800 yen or more (tax included) will receive a novelty pouch on a first-come, first-served basis.
*Numbers are limited.
*Items other than those sold at this limited store are not eligible.
*Not available in the online shop


This is a brand where the "b/beaut BEAMS members" (bb members), made up of BEAMS staff, experience and report on the "people, things, and events" related to beauty and wellness that are of interest to them right now. They share how people enjoy beauty and wellness in their own way and work to expand this positive community.

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#Above all, we value individuality.
#I'll share all the fun stuff.
#Enjoy becoming beautiful for yourself.

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