More Variation will be held, featuring all of AIAIAI 's headphones and speakers


BEAMS RECORDS will be holding an event featuring more variations of AIAIAI, the Danish headphone brand that has been on sale in Japan since it first arrived in 2010.

The TMA-2 is a revolutionary headphone that allows you to freely rearrange the four parts of the headband, speaker unit, ear pads, and cable, and is used by famous artists and DJs around the world as the brand's signature model. It is also known that there are

More Variations will include the "TMA-2" headphones set, as well as individual parts that are not usually available. In addition, the "Tracks" headphones, which are characterized by their light wearing comfort and stylish appearance, and the brand's first wireless monitor speaker, the "UNIT-4 Wireless+" will also be on sale.

All types of headphones and speakers available for purchase will be available for preview, so please come and take advantage of this rare opportunity to see the full AIAIAI lineup.


¥23,799 (

TMA-2 Move XE Wireless

¥21,800 (

TMA-2 Move Wireless

¥25,800 (


¥8,280 (

TMA-2 Studio and DJ models variation

¥16,800 ( ~ ¥43,799 (
We have several models that are ideal for studio use and DJ use, including the ultra-low latency and lossless wireless model "TMA-2 Studio Wireless+". In addition, each part that symbolizes the AIAIAI modular system will be sold separately.

UNIT-4 Wireless+

¥128,000 (
An innovative wireless monitor speaker that packs the performance of a professional studio monitor into a body weighing just 2.5 kg. It has a powerful amplifier with a maximum output of 80W, ultra-low latency "W+ Link technology", and can be connected wirelessly using Bluetooth connection. It also supports wired connection. It has a built-in battery, so it can be carried around or used outdoors.


A headphone brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Its traditional Nordic design and pursuit of better sound have earned it the favor of many artists. The TMA-2, which incorporates a modular system, has become popular as a next-generation headphone that can be customized to your liking. The brand is also proactive in taking sustainability conscious actions, using recycled plastic for the speaker units and incorporating recycled materials in packaging materials.


Logo Tote Bag

Applicable products: TMA-2 Move Wireless, TMA-2 Move XE Wireless, Tracks

C19 - Straight

Applicable products: TMA-2 DJ, TMA-2 DJ XE, TMA-2 Studio, TMA-2 Studio XE

Headphone Stand

Applicable product: Studio Wireless+

UNIT-4 Wireless+ Carrying Case

Target product: UNIT-4 Wireless+

Customers who purchase eligible items at BEAMS RECORDS (Harajuku) during the event will receive a novelty gift on a first-come, first-served basis.
The novelty items are limited in quantity and will be available while stocks last. Please note that purchases made through the online shop are not eligible for the novelty items.

Event period
Saturday, May 25th - Sunday, June 9th, 2024
Holding store