September 15, 2017

Luxuriate in "ladylike meets work style" this autumn.

Vintage argyle recreated
1950's America emanates from the textiles of this brand; Toyo Enterprise's STYLE EYES. This bespoke pink and black argyle corduroy piece made by discharge printing is a dainty classic. Patterned open-collar shirts are everywhere this season but this is a spectacular one. Go co-ordinate with matching skirt for the ultimate feminine look of the moment.

The trends of Autumn in a co-ord set
A coverall jacket and jacquard skirt is not the most ubiquitous of two-pieces. Only with the current trend of work wear meets elegance would we see such a combination. The slightly sheen fabric of mixed serge, wool and polyester is soft and light. The pieces are full of exciting details if you look closely, like the jacket having asymmetrical pockets and the cut-off hem of the skirt.

Trousers of elegant material and silhouette
The mélange sort of feel is due to the mix of cotton and heather wool, giving the tailored trousers a soft and casual feel. Lightly tapered and high waisted, the silhouette is chic and lady-like, with a ribbon adorning the back instead of a buckle. The downplayed style makes it a beautifully versatile piece; mix with a variety of tops and accessories (like this leopard print!) to liven up the piece of perfect masculine/feminine embodiment.

Why military overall pants are so in right now
They're obviously what they are. They're extremely wide legged. The overall pants that completely encase the lower body were developed in the U.S in 1950~60's to protect soldiers from the cold and wind. The shoulder straps are detachable and the slight but crisp cotton fabric shows off the wideness of the legs. The masculine style mixes surprisingly well with feminine tops.

The story behind the signed work jacket
Colourful heartfelt hand painted messages and illustrations adorn this collab jacket with BUZZ RICKSON'S. The idea behind this is the "Graduation Jacket"; when a man was leaving the army, his fellow soldiers would all sign on his jacket as a goodbye token. Based on a 40's army denim work jacket, this model is remade with off-white twill. Style with military pants to really define the look.

Gentleman's shirt that brings out the lady in you
Guess you could call it the magic of the oversized shirt; the all-encasing feel of a men's shirt somehow makes you feel more feminine. This luxuriously soft, insulating thick cotton & wool shirt made with plenty of fabric is perfect to weave into your autumn wardrobe. Works well with work pants too!

Special iteration of 90's street-work-wear
Durable, functional and uniform like simplicity. Work-wear has long been a favourite in the street scene, especially in the 90's where some items became extremely popular. This overall is from a special iteration collection by orslow. Made with lightweight 6 ounce denim fabric, the transformation that will ensue with time is also remarkably appealing. Six items make up the collection, including watch caps and duck cotton pants.

The ultimate work wear; painter's trousers updated
We cannot talk trends this autumn without mentioning the painter's pants. The worker's go-to attire; the standard style serves just as well but what's not to love about this crazy patched version with various shades of denim that seem to have been torn apart and sewn back together over the years; precisely the definition of "work". Pair a henly neck top for a work style with a French twist.

2017 Autumn & Winter theme is "WORKER'S HEROINE" Taking functional hunting, military and work wear developed for outdoor workers and giving it a modern twist; with wider constructed designs using natural fabrics, cords, velour and fur




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