October 24, 2017

Trad style outerwear inspired by menswear worn with a touch of romance

Reaping the beauty of authentic tweed
Harris Tweed is naturally one of our top picks, especially this season's updated Chester coat. Made with soft light chunky tweed in a perfect pattern for the trad fanatic; checkered x herringbone. Simple and oversized with slim lapels and drop shoulder design makes this the most versatile coat.

Staple Nordic sweater updated
Traditional and graphic, warm hand-knitted comfort. The Nordic sweater is another Autumn / Winter BEAMS BOY regular. This season's iteration is of larger patterns in darker hues. Made with Peruvian alpaca wool, it's as light as ever. Folky and wonderfully chic at the same time, navy bottoms could elevate it to a sophisticated style.

How to luxuriate in authentic tweed this season
BEAMS BOY Autumn collection is never seen without Harris Tweed. Harris Tweed is a high-quality tweed with an ancient history, handmade in a small part of Scotland with virgin wool only in a strictly regulated environment. Based on a traditional folkloric costume, our tighter iteration for this season is a pleat-less checkered kilt. Perfect with classic jackets and shirts.Looking back on 90's denim

The Orslow excellence of recreating denim...
Extreme attention to thread, weaving, sewing, production to the tiniest detail we know not much of. These work pants are an embodiment of that quality. Inspired by the flat evenly washed 90's denims, these pairs are high-waist and wide, in a loose silhouette that is a perfect accompaniment for any outfit this season.

The perfect pea coat
Bespoke piece by FIDELITY, a Boston based outerwear manufacturer who supplied clothing for the U.S. Navy and Air Force. Which explains the quality of detail and tailoring; what it all boils down to when addressing garments with a military heritage. Made with elegant Japanese 22 oz. Melton of perfect weight and firmness. The lengthy silhouette suits our autumn mood.

2017 Autumn & Winter theme is "WORKER'S HEROINE" Taking functional hunting, military and work wear developed for outdoor workers and giving it a modern twist; with wider constructed designs using natural fabrics, cords, velour and fur




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