<BEAMS> brings Japanese artistry to London Collections Men

February 25, 2016

<BEAMS> participated for the first time in an official program of "London Collections Men", with MR PORTER, the largest Men’s style e-commerce site to date. Their collaboration, "Limited Japanese Capsule Collection", co-created by MR PORTER and <BEAMS> was delivered in presentation format on the 9th and 10th of January 2016 in London. Japanese brands reflecting the essence of Japanese aesthetics, constructed with steadfast Japanese tailor work and craftsmanship was received with much enthusiasm by acclaimed buyers and writers, influential bloggers, in-demand-models and over 1000 people of the fashion world, making news in medias world-wide. The collection pieces will delivered to 170 countries by MR PORTER and can be purchased at "BEAMS JAPAN" in Shinjuku.

These two days commemorate the first of <BEAMS> participating in one of the four major fashion collections in the world, and also the first for <BEAMS> to showcase Japan’s craftsmanship and refined sensibilities to the rest of the world.
Upon reaching our 40th anniversary, <BEAMS> will continue to bring exciting products of the world to Japan but also share the remarkable and fascinating artistry of Japan to the rest of the world. Watch out as <BEAMS> continues to be several steps ahead of the curve.

Brands; LOYE, KICS DOCUMENT., MARVY JAMOKE, orSLOW, SASQUATCHFABRIX., TEATRA, REMI RELIEF, BEAMS PLUS, BEAMS Made in Japan Venue design: Jo Nagasaka (Schemata Architects)