Releasing BEAMS bespoke model of Mizuno global project 'KAZOKU'

November 9, 2018

Mizuno's global project 'KAZOKU' that started in 2018 redefines the value of trainers through partnering with footwear staples from around the world. BEAMS is releasing a bespoke pair of SKY MEDALs - a model that has been brought back in original colours and also created a buzz with it's previous collaboration with PATTA. Their eighth (ninth?) edition of 'KAZOKU' is a chunky sneaker with a nostalgic 90s feel that sticks by their original specs and fabric.

With an additional element of 'wa' (Japanese-ness), the shoe tongue is inspired by the sun and sunset, the instep is adorned with the first Japanese character from their company name,'mizuno', 美.
This special version sports specific iterations of the Mizuno logo on various parts and the side and insole have embossed BEAMS logos.

BEAMS JAPAN 2F, 3F(Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan)

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