Special editions from Matsumoto Mingei Kagu for fennica

November 13, 2018

These special edition pieces from Matsumoto Mingei Kagu for fennica are finished with less coating layers, bringing out the natural texture of the wood to enjoy. The coffee table height was adjusted from its original 32 cm to 40 cm to make it easier to reach from a sofa. The chair cushion was also changed to a light-brown fabric exclusively for fennica.

Floor Chair, Low Table / MATSUMOTO MINGEI KAGU

Dish S, Dish M, Dish L / HAMADAGAMA × fennica

Table Runner / SHUSSAIORI

International Gallery BEAMS(Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan), BEAMS JAPAN(Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan), BEAMS KOBE(Kobe, Japan)

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